Why it’s time to replace storage heaters

After the sunniest Spring since records began in 1929, an August heatwave and the warmest September for four years,  it’s suddenly time to reach for the central heating controls. October is the month that most people in the UK turn on their heating, leaving it on until April.  

Of course, we’re just taking the Autumn chill off at the moment, but before the seriously cold weather starts, it’s a good idea to think about how to heat your home more effectively and efficiently over the winter.  This is particularly the case for the 1.7*million households that currently have storage heaters, many of which are old and where the insulation around the heating core may have broken down affecting their efficiency.    

There are multiple alternative options and wall mounted electric radiators are firmly out there as a cost effective replacement.  

Storage heaters – old and cold  

Storage heaters have been around since the 1950s and have been a popular source of off-grid heat.  Whilst they can use a cheaper night-time electricity tariff (usually Economy 7 or Economy 10), they actually offer very poor energy efficiency, because the heater begins to lose heat as soon as it’s stored.   

Storage heaters use retention bricks to store heat at night which is then released the following day. A big problem is that come the eveningit’s run out of heat. This usually resultin using expensive and inefficient portable sources of heat or turning on the storage heater and using much more expensive electricity. Economy tariffs can be misleading because the day rate is inflated above standard rates, so if you do use it during the day, you can end up massively overpaying.   

The other big drawback to storage heaters is controllability.  You don’t have instant control at your fingertips that enables you to have heat when and where you want it. This is because the heating has to be set a day in advance.  Plan for the next days’ weather and get it wrong and you could be left out in the cold or wasting heat. 

They are also very bulky, look outdated and can even agitate allergies and stain walls, where dust is deposited above the appliance.   

Whilst great technology during their heyday, there have been huge advances in innovation creating ultra slim and ultraefficient alternatives to storage heaters.   

Electric radiators – complete functionality and control  

Electric radiators use standard tariffs and with advanced technology such as built in energy monitoring systems, programming to the second and precision temperature control to within .02 of degree, they offer unrivalled energy efficiency to help save you money.  

They also have matchless flexibility allowing you to heat the rooms at exactly the time you need to, even if it various  day by day,  and to the precise temperature that you want. There’s no wasted energy or electricity when you are out of the house.  Storage heaters simply can’t compete with this level of functionality and control.   

You can enjoy even room temperatures and higher levels of comfort warmth too because electric radiators use both radiated and convected heatwhereas storage heaters use mostly convected heat that rises leaving the bottom of the room – and your feet – cold  

Additional SMART features that come with good quality electric radiators, such as Haverland radiators,  include 24/7 programming manually and via an app, open window detection which senses when a window is open and shuts down temporarily and adaptive start function, so your rooms will be already warm when you want them to be.   

Modern design  

And they look great too, coming in a wide range of slimline and elegant styles Not only does this give you more space, especially helpful in smaller rooms, but you can fit modern electric radiators in locationa storage heater wouldn’t be able to get near to.  They are also very simple to install and require no plumbing.  

Better value for money 

Replacing storage heaters to electric radiators makes a lot of sense.  As well as lower running costs, the exceptional efficiency of modern electric radiators results in less electricity needed to keep a room consistently heated.  



Electric radiators 

Storage heaters 

Precision control 

Heat when & where you need it 

Slimline & stylish 

Easy installation 

Comfortable radiated heat 

Better value for money 


Find out more today  

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