RCTT electric radiator with energy consumption indicator

RCTT electric radiator with “Consumption indicator”.

Control the energy consumption of your heating with the RCTT electric radiator from Haverland UK, a company specializing in electric radiators and smart heating in the UK. Inspect the energy you are spending thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use LCD screen. You can trust its safety thermal limiter, which thanks to the high-precision electronics of this device will keep you safe from overheating.

The RCTT electric radiator is the perfect solution to keep you warm and comfortable during the winter, without complicated programs, allowing you to enjoy your time at home.

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What is the RCTT electric radiator with a consumption indicator?

Thanks to the energy consumption indicator of the RCTT electric radiator you will have more efficient heating. Lower your electricity bill and enjoy the comfort with an ecological control indicator.

With the new RCTT it is possible to program, adjust and regulate the power of your heating. This means that you can even optimize the energy of your electric radiator during the months of intense cold.

The RCTT electric radiator is an intelligent radiator, equipped with screens that offer an “eco control” function.

Benefits and advantages of the RCTT electric radiator with electricity consumption indicator

Fully controllable digital thermostat.

Control the exact temperature you want in the room for greater climate control and energy savings.

Dynamic fluid with high thermal inertia.

Keep warm for longer, even after turning it off.

3 modes: comfort, economy & anti-freeze.

Comfort, economy, and antifreeze modes offer flexibility and energy efficiency to adapt to your needs at all times.

Built-in energy monitor.

Monitor and control energy consumption to make sure you are using the radiator efficiently.

Daily, weekly and weekend programming options.

Adjust your radiator to work around your schedule and lifestyle.

Easy to use keyboard.

A user-friendly keypad makes it easy to program and adjust the radiator settings.

High precision electronics.

Enjoy precise temperature control and greater energy efficiency.

Safety thermal limiter.

Prevents overheating of the radiator and reduces the risk of accidents.

Class I. IP24

It meets safety standards and can be used in damp or wet conditions.

Easy and quick installation.

Use the electric radiator immediately, without the need to hire a professional.

Sealed for life, maintenance free.

Ensures long-lasting, fault-free operation.

Complete with UK plug & power cord.

The RCTT electric radiator has everything you need to make your radiator work.

How to choose an electric radiator with a consumption indicator?

Type of indicator

There are different types of energy consumption indicators, some are simpler, and others are more advanced. For example, some radiators have a basic consumption indicator that shows energy consumption in real time, while others can show daily or weekly consumption, or even allow you to set a maximum consumption limit.

Size and power

 It is important to choose an electric radiator that has adequate power for the room in which it will be used. A radiator with too low a power will not adequately heat the room, while one with too high a power will consume more energy than necessary. Be sure to check the radiator’s specifications to choose one with adequate power. RCTT electric radiators have different models according to needs. Find your electric radiator from 500 W power to 1800 W.

Energy efficiency

Look for radiators with a high energy rating to maximize efficiency.

Extra functions

In addition to the consumption indicator, some electric radiators, such as the RCTT electric radiator from Haverland UK, will give you other additional functions, such as programmable thermostats and timers. These functions will help you optimize the use of the radiator and reduce energy consumption.

Brand and warranty

Choose a radiator from a reliable brand that offers an adequate guarantee. Be sure to read user reviews and check energy efficiency certifications before purchasing. In Haverland UK you will find the best brand in electric radiators.