RCES Electric Radiator with Advanced Digital Thermostatic Control

If you are thinking of buying an electric radiator, today we present the new RCES electric radiator with advanced digital thermostatic control.

At Haverland UK, a company specializing in electric radiators and smart heating in the UK, we bring you the best thermostatically controlled electric radiator.

What is an energy efficient digital thermostatic control?

The RCES electric radiator has a low consumption digital thermostatic control. A fully programmable control that offers energy control for cost savings.

These savings can be measured with the radiator’s energy monitor, which allows you to see how much energy you’re using to heat the room.

Benefits and advantages of RCES electric radiator with RCES advanced digital thermostatic control


The quiet-running electronic thermostat is accurate to +/- 0.2ºC and acts quickly to maintain constant temperature levels.

With temperature settings

It has temperature settings: Comfort, Economic, Antifreeze and 4 preset lifestyle heating programs and 1 custom option.

Operating modes

Daily programming, hour by hour. And manual programming function.

Open windows function

It has a sensor that controls sudden changes in temperature in the room, turning off the radiator automatically without consuming energy when trying to raise its temperature.

Intelligent “ITCS” function

You can activate your electric radiator in advance to reach the desired temperature at the time you have scheduled.

Power monitoring function

Monitor energy consumption in real time.


Tamper-proof keyboard.

Various models of RCES electric radiator

Option to choose between the 5 sizes of radiators and thermal powers (from 600 W to 1800 W).

Thermal uniformity

The surface temperature does not exceed 75 ºC – Thermal uniformity.

Easy use

It is safe, clean, and easy to operate.

Easy installation

Easy to install as all Haverland UK electric radiators are supplied with wall fixing brackets, a wall template, and a power cord, located on the lower right side of the radiator.

Modern design

All radiators are coated in white.

How to choose the best electric radiator with an advanced digital thermostat?

If you want to buy the best electric radiator with an advanced digital thermostat, take note of these features:

Choose an electric radiator that adapts to the dimensions of the room to be heated.

Depending on the place and the dimensions you want to heat, you should assess the power of your electric radiator. The Haveland UK RCES electric radiator has different models according to the needs of each client. From RCE4S with a power of 600W for rooms (in mm) of 435x580x95 up to RCE12S WITH 1800W for 1070x580x95. Choose the one that best suits you!

Choose an efficient electric radiator.

Different features such as a scheduling function, energy monitoring or the possibility of always adjusting the temperature will make your electric radiator more efficient.

Choose an electric radiator that has OPEN WINDOW FUNCTION

An important feature for an efficient electric radiator without wasting energy.

Choose an electric radiator with INTELLIGENT “ITCS” FUNCTION

The ITCS functionality predicts and starts heating in advance to reach the desired temperature in the set time.

Enjoy the efficient heat you’ll get with the Haverland UK RCES Thermostatically Controlled Electric Radiator.


  • Aluminium block.
  • Digitally controlled electronic thermostat.
  • Dynamic fluid with high thermal inertia.
  • Temperature settings: Comfort, Economy, Antifreeze.
  • 4 pre-set lifestyle heating programmes and 1 bespoke option.
  • Daily programming, hour by hour.
  • Manual programming function.
  • Open windows function.
  • Intelligent “ITCS” function.
  • 2 hour boost option.
  • Energy monitoring feature.
  • Tamper-proof keyboard.
  • 5 radiator sizes and thermal outputs (from 600W – 1800 W).
  • Safety thermal limiter.
  • Temperature surface does not exceed 75 ºC – Thermal uniformity.
  • Safe, clean and easy to operate.
  • No disruption or damage to decor.
  • All radiators are coated in white.
  • Easy installation as all radiators are supplied with wall fixing brackets and wall template.
  • Supplied with a UK power cable, located on bottom right hand side of the radiator.