A perfect panel heater

This electric heater is designed to offer you maximum comfort with the maximum aesthetics you could wish for in your home with its elegant, modern and discreet white design. Additional features:

  • Wall-mounted electric panel heater & Adjustable electronic thermostat.

  • Heating quality: gentle heating & Heating element: ceramic.

  • 4 Heating Modes: Comfort, Eco, Frost Protection, Standby.

  • Pilot Wire (6 Orders) & Open window detection.

  • 3 Pre-set Programmes: P1, P2, P3 & Child Lock.

  • Over-heating Protection & High precision electronics

  • Safety thermal limiter & Easy & quick installation.

  • Class II. IPX4 Protection & Power cable (plug not included).

Lot 20 electric radiator

Haverland UK, a company specializing in electric radiators, thermal emitters, and smart heating solutions in the UK, presents the Medusa Electric Heater, designe to provide maximum comfort with a sleek, modern, and discreet white design, the Medusa Electric Heater is the ultimate choice for your home.

What is an Electric Heater?

An electric heater is a heating device that uses electricity as a power source to generate heat in a specific environment. Unlike traditional heating systems that rely on fossil fuels like gas or oil, electric heaters are a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option. These devices are versatile, portable, and easy to use, making them a practical solution for heating spaces in homes, offices, or any other setting.

How Does it Work?

The operation of an electric heater is quite simple. The device is equipped with a heating element, usually an electric resistance, which heats up when connected to an electrical power source. As the resistance heats up, the heater emits heat into the surrounding environment.

What is the Purpose of an Electric Heater?

An electric heater, such as the Medusa Electric Heater from Haverland UK, serves multiple purposes for heating any space:

Heating Individual Rooms

They are ideal for heating specific rooms in your home, especially those that are not efficiently reached by the central heating system. You can use the Medusa heater in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, studios, and more.

Additional Heating

During colder days, an electric heater is ideal if you need extra warmth in certain areas of your home. Electric heaters provide a practical solution for providing additional heat on specific occasions without having to turn on the entire central heating system.

Advantages and Benefits of the Medusa Electric Heater

  • Offers a wall-mounted electric panel and adjustable electronic thermostat.
  •  Provides gentle heating quality.
  •  The heating element is made of ceramic.
  • You can choose from 4 heating modes: Comfort, Eco, Frost Protection, and Standby.
  • It features a pilot cable (6 orders) and open window detection.
  • It offers 3 preset programs: P1, P2, P3, and child lock.
  • It has overheating protection and high-precision electronics.
  • Provides a thermal safety limiter and easy and quick installation.
  • An important feature is that it is Class II. It has IPX4 protection and a power cable.

How to Choose the Right Electric Heater?

When selecting an electric heater, it’s important to consider key features that suit your individual needs. Here are some features to consider:


Check the power of the electric heater as it directly impacts its heating capacity. Consider the size and location of the space you want to heat and choose a heater with the appropriate power output to meet your needs.

Operating Modes

Some electric heaters offer different operating modes such as eco mode or energy-saving mode. These modes allow you to adjust the power and reduce energy consumption as needed.

Adjustable Thermostat

Look for an electric heater with an adjustable thermostat that enables precise temperature control, ensuring a comfortable environment.

Design and Size

Consider the design and size of the electric heater, especially if you plan to use it in smaller spaces or want it to blend harmoniously with your home decor.

The Medusa Electric Heater from Haverland UK is an excellent choice to enjoy efficient and comfortable warmth in your home. Its simple operation, energy efficiency, temperature control advantages, and advanced safety features make it a reliable and convenient option.