Hercules Bathroom Radiator

A luxurious addition for any bath or shower room.

Hercules is a stylish and sleek tempered-glass towel warmer with unrivalled designer looks and energy efficiency. Its optimum user comfort provides perfect room temperature along with warm and dry towels at your fingertips.

Hercules Additional features:

● White tempered glass, with ultra slim profile and two stainless steel towel rails
● Built-in hot air convector fan (1000 W) warms the surrounding air in the room extremely quickly distributing warmth evenly
● Towels dry and warm up quickly without affecting the room temperature
● Daily, weekly and weekend programming options
● Open Window Detection function
● 2 years manufacturers’ guarantee
● Class II – IP 24 rated
● Safety limiter
● Accessory kit and power cord supplied

Are you looking to add style and functionality to your bathroom? An electric towel radiator for the bathroom can be the perfect solution. At Haverland UK, a company specializing in electric radiators, thermal emitters, and smart heating in the UK, we offer the Hercules Electric Towel Radiator for the Bathroom, designed to provide you with an exceptional heating experience in your bathroom. Discover the benefits, how to choose the right radiator, and the features of this exclusive product.

Benefits of Having an Electric Towel Radiator in Your Bathroom

An electric towel radiator not only provides heat in your bathroom but also offers a range of additional benefits.

Always warm and dry towels

Imagine wrapping yourself in a soft and warm towel after a relaxing shower. With a towel radiator, your towels will always be ready to give you that feeling of comfort and coziness.

Increased energy efficiency

Electric towel radiators are designed to be energy-efficient. You can enjoy a warm bath without worrying about a significant increase in your electricity bill.

Space optimization

The towel radiator combines heating function with a practical towel rack. This allows you to make the most of the space in your bathroom and keep your towels organized and within reach.

How to choose the right electric towel radiator for your bathroom

When choosing an electric towel radiator for your bathroom, consider the following factors:

Size and heating capacity

Make sure to select a radiator that fits properly in your bathroom space and has the capacity to provide the necessary amount of heat to warm the room.

Design and style

Choose a radiator that harmoniously integrates with the decor of your bathroom. Like the Hercules towel radiator, which features tempered glass in white, adding design and functionality to your bathroom.

Additional features

Our towel heater comes with extra features such as a programmable timer, open window detector, and temperature adjustment options.

Discover the Hercules Electric Towel Radiator for Bathroom: Style and Functionality in One Product

The Hercules Electric Towel Radiator for the Bathroom from Haverland UK combines style and functionality to provide you with an exceptional heating experience in your bathroom. Its features include:

Elegant and modern design

The Hercules features an elegant and modern design that complements any bathroom style. Its high-quality finish adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

Efficient and silent operation

This radiator utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide efficient and silent heating in your bathroom. Enjoy a warm and comfortable ambiance without any disturbing noise.

Customized temperature control

With the integrated thermostat control, you can adjust the temperature according to your preferences and enjoy a pleasant bath at any time of the day.

Practical and functional towel rack

The Hercules is a practical towel rack that allows you to keep your towels dry and warm. Forget about cold and damp towels after your shower.

Easy installation and intuitive use

The radiator installation is simple and does not require any major complications. Additionally, its intuitive user interface allows you to configure and control the radiator easily and quickly.

At Haverland UK, we take pride in offering high-quality products that adapt to your needs. Our Hercules Electric Towel Radiator not only provides style and functionality but is also backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction. Discover the comfort and warmth that this towel radiator can bring to your bathroom and enjoy a cozy ambiance at all times.