ECO-RADI (Designer XRI)

Energy saving, style and comfort in perfect harmony with the Designer XRi.

The ECO-RADI (Designer XRI) is only available through selected wholesalers

Combining elegant design, energy efficient climate control, a sustainable approach and the latest technology is the goal of the Designer XRI series of radiators. This purpose is more than achieved, and the result is an exclusive range of electric radiators that provide comfort and greater environmental awareness in home appliances.

In Haverland, leader in electric radiators in the UK, an alternative in terms of performance, energy savings and aesthetics is sought with Designer XRI wall radiators. In the following lines you can read a complete description of these devices, to clarify  any doubts, before choosing the ideal equipment for each house, hotel, restaurant, etc.

  • The Designer XRI doesn’t require set up, configuration or programming!
  • Multiple control options, plus smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac remote control thanks to the Haverland Smartbox (accessory)
  • Detects movement: knows when you’re in a room and when you’re not
  • 4 mode options: Sensor, Learning, Manual,  24-7 programming (via Smart Box and App)
  • Learning mode: the radiator will learn routines via presence detection and constantly build schedules
  • Three temperature settings: comfort, economy and anti-freeze
  • Open window function.
  • Braille controls
  • Battery backup memory

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