The comfort you need

ECOJOULE RANGE is only available through selected wholesalers

In Haverland, leader in electric radiators in the UK, an alternative in terms of performance, energy savings and aesthetics is sought with ECOJOULE RANGE. In the following lines you can read many features of these devices, to clarify  any doubts, before choosing the ideal equipment for each house, hotel, restaurant, etc.

  • TFT Screen.
  • RF wireless electronics.
  • Charge indicator.
  • Easy and intuitive operation.
  • Simple and programmed operating modes.
  • Daily / weekly schedule.
  • 3 preset temperature modes.
  • Open windows detection.
  • Early activation.
  • Power rationalization function.
  • Control of charging time in one or two ways.
  • Anti-freeze, Eco & comfort temperatures.
  • Boost function.
  • Intelligent load management based on different parameters.
  • Keypad lock.
  • Broadcast function if the system requires higher demand.
  • Geolocation.
  • NTC temperature sensor.
  • WiFi support system via APP.
  • Optional voice control

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