Meet TOD – Our newest heated towel rail

We’re proud to introduce you to a new product in our family. Meet TOD – a new model of heated towel rail that is available now from Haverland.

Heated towel rails have grown in popularity over the years and are now a staple feature in bathrooms, shower rooms, ensuites and WC’s across the nation. Adding a practical touch of luxury to these spaces, heated towel rails keep towels organised and tidy but also warm and cosy, helping to avoid that dreaded after-chill following a relaxing bath or shower. With powerful and effective heating engineering, TOD will also keep the room itself at a comfortable temperature.

There are lots of reasons to choose TOD as an upgrade for your bath or shower room, here are our top ones:

  • With almost 50 years of electric heating expertise under our belts, TOD has been created to represent the very best in heated towel rails.
  • It boasts top of the line electric heating control and engineering, including intelligent temperature controls (ITCS), at an affordable price point.
  • Avoid wasted energy thanks to open window detection. This will automatically shut down the heated towel rail when it senses a fall in temperature within a set timeframe. This saves a lot of energy and cost by avoiding unnecessary heating. If the heated towel rail detects a quick rise in temperature, it will turn itself back on and to the previous set temperature.
  • TOD makes life easier for you and can adjust its temperature automatically according to the season (Summer or Winter).
  • You can fully personalise your heating. TOD’s built-in electronic thermostat offers daily and weekly programming options.
  • Eight easy operational modes allow for fully adjustable heating.
  • Our added boost mode allows TOD to improve the heat cycle of your room, regardless of the thermostat temperature reading. When switched on it will operate the radiator at full power for 15 mins to 2 hours (as desired), overriding any other programme.
  • A safety limiter provided added protection against the bars overheating.
  • TOD is easy to wall-mount and install. A complete fitting set and instructions are supplied.
  • We will offer two years of manufacturers’ guarantee on TOD purchases.

TOD is available in two sizes – 450W or 700W. TOD replaces our previous model of heated towel rail, TE. We have very limited stock of TE also still available – contact us to today to find out more.