Heating Calculator

Use our easy interactive calculator to find the best electric radiator to heat your room.

Electric radiators are an energy-efficient method of heating spaces of all shapes and sizes, in almost any type of building. Our simple calculator helps you to find the best solution for your room – enter your room dimensions, choose the level of insulation your room has and select a thermal zone by mapping the location of your building and finding the corresponding colour on the map. Our calculator will then suggest which of our electric radiator models you should consider browsing.

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Please note: If your ceiling height is above 3.5 metres please contact our Technical Department.

1. Choose a range

  • RCTT
  • RCTT Inerzia
  • RCBL
  • RCM
  • ECO-RAD (XR)
  • ECO-RADi (XRi)
  • RCV
  • TOD
  • XTAL

2. Choose a Thermal Zone

Select a thermal zone from the map:

  • Thermal zone *

Thermal Map

3. Room Size

Enter the dimensions of your room in metres (numbers only, use a point for decimal places):

  • Length (m) *

  • Width (m) *

  • Height room *

  • Insulation *

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4. Your Radiator: -

More Info

Please note that this radiator calculator uses industry standard formulas, however, the results are for guidance only and we make no guarantees as to the accuracy of individual results.

Recommended performance table (Watts per square metre)
ZONE A – RED100959080
ZONE B – YELLOW1051009585
ZONE C – LIGHT BLUE11010510090
ZONE D – DARK BLUE11511010595