RCBL Electric Radiator Conservatories

The shed is enjoying a much-deserved rise in popularity. A report from The Posh Shed Company highlighted a 46% increase in the purchase of sheds, with homeowners increasingly seeking alternative options with the size of homes becoming more compact. [1] Typically considered dark and spider infested storage spaces, homeowners are repurposing their garden sheds, turning them into office spaces, outdoor dining rooms and games rooms.

The vagaries of UK weather make these outdoor spaces a strictly summer indulgence. However, to extend their all year round potential, it’s time to consider an appropriate heating system. Electric radiators can be installed quickly and easily with the most basic DIY skills, needing only a power supply and some holes drilled for the wall mounted bracket. Then the radiator simply slots onto the brackets.

Outdoor Office

The number of employees who usually work from home has increased by a fifth over the past decade, with nearly a quarter of a million more people working from the comfort of their own home. [2] A summerhouse is the perfect place for work during the warmer months but during the colder months it won’t be used. Haverland has a range of solutions that are ideal for garden offices, including the RCBL which has been designed with shorter depths, making it ideal for installation on low-level walls and the ULTRAD a self-learning radiator that can be controlled with a smartphone, tablet via an Android/ IOS App.


More and more people are discovering the benefits of having a summerhouse. There are a range of things that can be done to make a summerhouse homelier, such as fitting them out with paintings, comfortable chairs and even a coffee table. With an electric radiator, the summerhouse can be enjoyed all year long.

With the humble shed and summerhouse taking centre stage, why not keep the sun shining all year around by investing in electric heating?



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