Benefits of electric heating

Fitting an electric radiator in your room offers a host of brilliant features and benefits. Here are just four:


It’s far cheaper, easier, faster and less disruptive to fit an electric radiator than a radiator connected to a conventional wet central heating (CH) system, which must be drained before the radiator is installed, plumbed-in, filled with water and then bled.Also, since there is little to go wrong with electric radiators, they are less expensive to maintain than conventional wet CH heat emitters. On the rare occasions that an electric radiator does develop a fault, it can invariably be repaired quickly, easily and inexpensively.Why? Fault-finding is far more complex with a conventional radiator which is part of a larger system. The problem could, for example, be with the plumbing, there might be something wrong with the boiler, perhaps the pump isn’t working properly, or the radiator itself could be defective. Everything must be checked, which means finding the defect takes longer and costs more.


An electric radiator provides heating on demand, precisely where and when you need it.

Electric heating is also exceptionally convenient. With conventional wet CH, you must turn on the entire system just to heat a single room, a frightful waste of money and energy. You’ll also need to wait until the room heats up to the required temperature. With an electric radiator, you only have to turn on the radiator in your room to get the heat you need instantaneously.


Electric radiators take up less room than conventional models, making them ideal if you have limited space. They are also beautifully elegant and come in a variety of attractive styles.

Energy efficiency

In a conventional wet CH system, water is heated in a boiler and piped around the house to individual radiators. This is inherently inefficient because a significant amount of heat is lost through the pipes, which may also be delivering heat where it’s not needed.

Besides, you will have to activate the entire system, even if you want to use a single radiator, so heating one room becomes particularly expensive and energy intensive. An individual electric radiator can be operated independently of the others so heating a single room is simple, cost-effective and energy efficient.

Electric radiators really are the smart choice for almost any type of room. Why not look into purchasing one today?

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