Why your new office needs an electric radiator 

Home Office

Homeworking has become a way of life for almost half of British workers  and it looks set to stay like this post-pandemic too. According to new research, employers expect the number of staff working from home in the future to double in comparison to pre-pandemic levels.   

As a result office space is now the top ‘musthave’ in a home and over a quarter of people would pay more for a house which has one. 

If you’re one of these workers and you’ve been operating from a temporary office in the shed, garage, conservatory or attic, it’s time for a make-over to create a permanent and comfortable workspace, that adds value to you and to you home.   

One of the most important things to consider is heating, particularly now as we move into colder weather. If your office isn’t connected to your central heating system, it’s key that it has good quality thermal comfort given you’ll be spending most of your week in it and you need to stay productive. 

There’s a confusing number of heating solutions out there to choose from and many won’t be suitable for very frequent use. For example, electric heaters, wall mounted or portable, will only provide supplementary warmth on top of your primary heating and are only suitable for occasional use rooms.   

Efficient heating for your home office conversion  

Wall mounted electric radiators are a quick, simple and low cost way to turn any type of space in your house or garden into a comfortable, permanent working space.   

Look for those that are oil filled and use both radiative and convective heat. This means they are excellent at retaining heat and distributing heat uniformly. 

They are also totally energy efficient; nothing is wasted. 100% of the electricity used is converted into heat, unlike gas boiler systems.   

Electric radiators take up less room than conventional models too, making them ideal if you have limited space.  

Smart heating  

Good quality electric radiators also come with a host of added built in energy management technology and features for maximum precision and optimal energy consumption. You will save money and be in total control of your heating. 

These include; 

  • Flexible 24/7 programming day by day or hour by hour to suit your work schedule down to the minute and which can be done manually or via an app.  
  • Builtin energy monitor to keep track of energy use (useful if you are recharging your working from home costs back to your employer) and highly accurate thermostat for precise control.  
  • Open window detection which senses when a window is open and shuts down temporarily, restarting again when the room temperature rises.  If you need some fresh air to wake you up from that 4pm energy slump, you won’t be wasting money.  
  • Adaptive start function so your office will be at the temperature you want it to be when you start work.  

Best radiators for any type of home office 

For a home office in a conservatory or loft conversion, consider our RCBL radiator designed for lowlevel walls.  It’s stylish and has multiple energy saving features including a builtin energy monitor and bespoke heating scheduling.  

For a converted garage or outdoor building, our new Simply radiator will be ideal.  From installation to operation, Simply is clever electric heating at its most simple.  It has a manual dial for function control or it can be fully controlled by our easy to use app.  Extra features include adaptive start control and open window function.  

For a hightech smart home office,  ULTRAD will fit the bill. It can be voice activated via Amazon Echo devices and remotely controlled via the Haverland App, using Haverland’s Smartbox.  

But you might not need to use either because ULTRAD also has unique sensor technology and is self-programmable. It knows when someone is in the room and intelligently sets itself to the ideal temperature. During its first week of operation, ULTRAD recognises patterns in when the room is used, creating daily programmes and automatically adjusts its settings. It then learns continuously, automatically repeating its intelligent daily and weekly cycles while sensing and adapting to changes in when you use your office.  

Haverland has a wide range of radiators to suit any type of home office. Check out our easy interactive heating calculator to help find the best electric radiator for it or get in touch.