Which electric radiator is better in small rooms?

When we are thinking about buying an electric radiator to heat a small room, doubts often arise about which is the best option to offer maximum comfort without wasting money or energy.

Small rooms do not need a lot of energy to be heated and many times we draw upon oil radiators or another type of portable heater. However, today there are more efficient and modern options that heat spaces quickly while saving energy. We are talking about small, energy efficient electric radiators.

Recommendations for choosing the best electric radiator in small rooms.

When choosing an electric radiator to heat a small room, we must consider the following factors:

The place to install electric radiator

Depending on the location of the electric radiator in the room, it will affect the amount of energy required for optimal heating, in addition to the measures we must also keep this in mind. It is not the same to place an electric radiator on a wall, than under a window or behind the door… 


At Haverland we think about the different needs to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment. In this case, our recommendation is the Simply electric radiator, as it it hardly takes up space or obstructs the passage through the room. In addition, it has a simple manual dial that can fully control its functions, or it can be fully controlled by our easy to use app for smartphones and tablets, using Bluetooth technology

Light and thermic insulation of the room

The room can keep the temperature during the day if it has insulating windows that protect from the cold and provide more heat derived from the sun’s rays.. If you do not have windows, or they are not sufficiently insulating, you should consider this to choose an electric radiator with materials that hold the heat for longer periods

The elements of the RC11BL electric radiator are made of injection aluminum, a material that makes the room stay warm for longer than using an oil radiator or a conventional heater.

Room size

Two factors come into play here, the square footage of the room and the height of the ceilings. Clearly, the larger the room size and the higher the ceilings, the more power the electric radiators will need.

In this case, RC11BL provides a power of 1250W, so if you are looking to heat a room of up to 12m2, it may be perfect for you and your room. 


Time and type of use that you are going to give the room

If you are thinking of using that room as an office, work area or any other utility in which the room will be occupied between 1 or 6 hours a day, the fluid or dry electric radiator options are indicated for a medium use. 

RCTT by Haverland is an electric fluid radiator that has manual and programming functions, as well as 4 programs pre-set by default to give you a comfortable temperature only during the hours that you will be present in the room. In this way you will avoid unnecessary expenses. 

As you can see, Haverland electric radiators are designed to satisfy all room sizes and the different types of uses that you need.