When should radiators be replaced?

It’s important for the appliances of your home to be of the highest quality so they can last forever. But even the best appliances have a limited lifespan and have to be replaced at some point. Radiators are one of the most enduring appliances you can have in your home and their improvement is often overlooked. So, when should a radiator be replaced?

How to know when a radiator should be replaced:

There are minimal physical signs that a radiator should be replaced (unlike a sofa, where you can noticeably see the wear and tear), but there are certain indicators that will let you know that it’s time to change your device. 

Some of the most perceptible signs that let you know it’s time to upgrade your radiator are:

  • Your heating system is no longer able to evenly or sufficiently warm up the room.
  • Your energy bills are running higher than usual and there are no problems with the electricity of your home.

People assume that radiators always perform in an optimal condition, but if you live in an old property or you have recently moved to a pre-built home you know this is not true. If there are traditional radiators already installed, it’s highly likely that the central heating has not been maintained or the radiators in place have not been upgraded for many years.  

How to replace a radiator

You might be replacing your radiator because it’s no longer working properly or because you want to renovate your place. Either way, it’s wise to consider an electric radiator. 

Modern electric radiators, such as Haverland’s, are designed to be more effective and enduring than traditional radiators and their average lifespan is between fifteen and twenty years. Plus, the advantage of plugging them into the electricity makes them easier to install,  maintain, and easier to replace. 

Technology advancements also make it possible for us to choose between a wide range of smart radiators with different characteristics to meet our needs. Our heating systems are sleek and modern, so they can blend in with the decoration of your home. They are easily programmable and adjustable with different heating modes, and come with energy monitors and overheating protection. 

Modern radiators are designed to be more energy efficient. Replacing your old radiator will warm up your home, make it more contemporary, and help lower your energy bills. Some examples are: RCTT Connect, Medusa or INERZIA Dry Stone.

Haverland is the best option for the upgrade of your home. Contact us If you need further information on the replacement of your radiator or want to know more about our range of electric heating systems.