What is a ceramic heater and why is it a good option?

Heating quality: gentle heating & Heating element: ceramic

When the coldest months of the year arrive, it is common that the ceramic heater is considered as an alternative to heat some room of the house, along with other electric heating options based on different technologies.

However, the low consumption of a ceramic heater and its other advantages usually place this option in a privileged place within the preferences of families, businesses and offices. From Haverland UK we want you to get the most out of your electric radiators and inform you through this article of what are the outstanding aspects of a ceramic heater and what should be taken into account when selecting a product, brand or model.

How does a ceramic heater work?

As with other electric heating equipment, a ceramic panel heater or wall or floor ceramic stove their operation function using  electric resistance. In this case, electricity passes through a set of resistance wires that are inserted in the ceramic plates.

When electricity passes through the resistances, they heat up together with the ceramic material, producing and dissipating to the outside  very quickly a radiant heat .

Advantages of a low consumption ceramic heater

Among the most important benefits of the ceramic heater, we can highlight the following:

Efficiency and reduced consumption

Ceramic heaters are especially efficient and environmentally friendly heating devices, as they do not produce noise or gas emissions. In addition, their low electricity consumption reduces the electricity bill and contributes to a decrease in pollutant emissions related to energy production.

 Ease of displacement

In the case of floor ceramic stove models, and even in those that are incorporated into the wall, it is very simple to move them between different rooms according to the heating needs, mainly due to their low weight.


A ceramic panel heater is a type of especially safe electric , as these devices are equipped with an automatic cut-off system for falls or overheating, reducing the possibility of accidents.

Multiple uses

A ceramic heater can be used in all environments and spaces because it does not require any kind of special installation. You only need an electrical outlet, through which to connect it to the conventional electrical network.

What to consider when choosing a ceramic panel heater?

The first thing you should keep in mind’s how to achieve maximum comfort in winter when selecting an electric ceramic heater are the following aspects. For example, the level of consumption of the ceramic heater, the climatic conditions of the place in Great Britain where you are where it will be used, its price or the thermal insulation existing in the home or business to be heated.

At Haverland UK, a company specializing in electric radiators, heat emitters, and smart heating in the UK, we have a wide range of ceramic heaters, such as the Medusa panel heater with different models depending on the m2 of the room to be heated and that stands out especially for the excellent conditions and performance of its ceramic inertia heating body and its energy efficiency.