We’re all working from home! Electric radiator solutions

It’s lockdown No3 and millions of entire families are now working from home with parents, school and university students and even working offspring all vying for a comfortable place to work.

Garages, sheds, spare rooms, attics, basements and under-stair cupboards all over the country have been commandeered and turned into makeshift or permanent workspaces.  Who would have thought that nearly a year on, we’d still be home working and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.

With temperatures dropping significantly this winter, everyone working or studying from home needs to keep warm all day but without breaking the bank on bills – already higher by running lights and laptops all day, not to mention boiling the kettle more often.

Getting the right temperature is key; it can have a huge impact on mood, wellbeing and general comfort, directly impacting productivity.  And there are various views on what that  is.

The Chartered Institute of Building Surveyors recommends a temperature of 20°C, whereas researchers from Cornell University found that people were twice as productive when the office temperature was raised to 25°C.

Wall mounted electric radiators are an ideal solution for workspaces that have been created in those previously little used areas of the house or garden with no heating source or need an additional one.

All electric heaters produce heat obviously, but not to the same quality.  Heat is distributed in two different ways – convective heat and radiant heat – and we’ve combined both to create the most optimal thermal comfort you can get.

Convective heat transfers warmth through the air, heating the surrounding, whereas radiant heat warms people and object. The result is that the heat lasts longer, making our radiators more energy and cost efficient.

Here are the many other benefits of Haverland’s electric radiators for heating your homework space:

Easy to install set up

Our radiators can be fitted to the wall and ready to go in under an hour.

Localised heating & total control

Clever built in energy management technology means you are in total control of when and where you need heat and to the precise temperature you want, saving you energy and money.

  • Flexible 24/7 programming day by day or hour by hour to suit any work schedule down to the minute and which can be done manually or via an app.
  • Built–in energy monitor to keep track of energy use.
  • Open window detection which senses when a window is open and shuts down temporarily, restarting again when the room temperature rises.
  • Adaptive start function so your work area will be at the temperature you want it to be when you start work. This could be very handy if your office isn’t in the house.

Covid helpful

NHS advice on reducing the spread of COVID-19 in your home includes keeping windows open in shared spaces.  If you do have to do this sometimes, the combination of radiated and convective heat, the overall heat loss will be minimal. So you can stay warm and still be safe.

Better air quality

Because our radiators use a high level of radiant heat without the use of the fan, surrounding air and particles such as dust and pollutants aren’t disturbed giving you better air quality – ideal if someone in the family suffers from asthma and similar issues.

Fits & heats all spaces

Whatever type or size of space you have, our electric radiators are slimline and compact and won’t take up valuable space. Our handy heating calculator will work out the best radiator for your space and will take into account important factors like whether you’re heating a garden shed office with little or no insulation or a room in the house.

Haverland has a wide range of radiators for any type of home office and workspace.  Check out more here or get in touch for some advice.