How to keep my house warm and cozy this winter with Haverland?

Warm and cozy house

Winter is just around the corner and we must be prepared for it. At Haverland we give you all the information you need to help you keep your home comfortable. This winter have a warm and cozy house.

How to keep your house warmer

When in doubt about how to keep your house warmer there are many options and possibilities but we must also bear in mind that not all homes are the same. If this year you don’t want to be surprised by the low temperatures, follow these tips:

  1. The main one of course is to take an adequate heating system depending on several factors such as the square meters of the home, the climate depending on the city in which we live, and so on.
  2. There are many possibilities of heating systems that are safer than the use of fireplaces. There is a range that stands out from the rest and that is Haverland’s thermal emitters. And within them, the RCTT Connect stands out, since thanks to its new technology and 100% steatite natural stone, you will have a greater thermal inertia than traditional ceramic thermal emitters.
  3. Once we have the appropriate heating device for how to keep your house warmer, we must know how to maintain this heat so as not to waste energy in vain. The first trick is to install windows with double glazing, it will allow you to conserve up to 50% more of the heat of the space.

Other tips for keeping a pleasant temperature at home

  1. Install thick curtains, this simple step will help prevent air leaks from the windows from directly accessing the house.
  2. Full cloth! Textiles shelter the cause and increase comfort. Rugs, curtains, and cushions will help create a warmer environment.
  3. Sunlight. It is important to try to use as much natural heat as possible, through sunlight. This measure is more than cheap: it is free. Blinds and curtains should be kept open during the day. But once the sun goes down, close the curtains. This will maximize your home’s potential to retain that heat.
  4. Finally, you have to know certain specifications, such as that 21º is the temperature at which most people are comfortable. In the case of the bedroom, the ideal is 17º, with more difficulty it is difficult to rest. In addition, make sure that the exterior and interior temperature is not excessive because the exaggerated contrast causes a lowering of the defenses.

In short, if you want a warm and cozy house combin good heating systems and knowing how to have and maintain a warm environment, taking care that the cold does not enter with these simple tricks.