Upgrades to our Haverland App

Haverland App

We are glad to announce that we are upgrading our Haverland App!

If you are a current user, a notification will appear when you open the App starting on the first week of September, informing you that an update is required before the new features will be unlocked. The upgrade will be available for our WIFI radiators.

What’s new?

  • Group radiators selection: You will be able to select multiple radiators to change their features at the same time. For example, if you wish to turn off all radiators at the same time, you can easily select the radiators and turn them off at the same time.
  • Energy monitor: By entering the power of your radiator, you will be able to monitor its consumption on a Daily, Monthly or Year basis.
  • Away offset: This feature will allow you to alter the sensor’s accuracy up to 5.0 ºC. This feature is useful if you want to match the radiator’s reading to an external thermostat placed on a different part of the room.
  • Copy the programming: On the weekly schedule, you have the option of coping the schedule you have selected on one day onto the other days of the week.
  • Install up to 32 radiators per Smartbox!

What’s currently available?

  • Full control of your radiator from your fingertips: You will have full access to all your radiators’ settings from your Haverland App.
  • Manual, Sensor, Self-learning Mode and Daily Programming (24/7)
  • Define priority: You can set a priority to a radiator to control the energy usage of your property.
  • Lock the radiator from a distance.

What’s not available?

  • Heater with geolocation (GPS): This system is not available in the UK & Ireland.

If you don’t already have our App you can download now from the App Store or Google Play, just search ‘Haverland’ and download the free app on your smart device. If you’re using a computer, please visit here.


Learn how to set up and run your radiators via the Haverland app with our step-by-step guide.