Tips to achieve electric energy savings

The continuous increases in electricity are making a dent in the economy of many companies and homes, so from Haverland we want to give you a series of tips to optimize consumption and bet on energy efficiency. Having the expense of every action is something we all do today. That is why it is so important to make good use of the heating, since for each additional degree the cost increases by 7%. From Haverland we want to give you tips to achieve electric energy savings.

Which type of heater is cheapest to run?

Eco-efficient, low-consumption thermal emitters are the best option, since they lower the electricity bill while experiencing comfort. Unlike other electric heating systems, thermal emitters consume less energy and distribute heat in a more homogeneous and constant way. Another important aspect is that thanks to the advancement of technology, household appliances work in a more respectful way with the environment and this has an impact on efficiency. For example, radiators are incorporating technologies that help reduce energy consumption.

It is also important before talking about how we can save electricity by carrying out a proper study or calculation of the heating system or necessary power. And a major mistake is having the heat on all or most of the day.

Programming of electric radiators

Our devices offer you the possibility of adapting their programming to your routine and habits, so you are comfortable without having to worry about your radiators being on all the time. Some of them, like our ULTRAD model knows when someone’s in a room, and heats up to a comfortable temperature. When the room’s not in use, ULTRAD will automatically lower its temperature, reducing energy consumption. Thanks to this, the device is self programmable, learning when you are most likely to be at home.

Tips to achieve electric energy savings

Tips to achieve electric energy savings

Other than the typical appliances that we have been using for years, we were aware of the need to save on energy. LED bulbs, dimmable bulbs, motion sensor lights, manual and digital programmable plugs.

In conclusion, more and more people are looking for tips to achieve electric energy savings and not only for saving on the final bill but because the environment is increasingly important and having products that work optimally and easily. That without any great work or economic development help us to heat our homes without having to think daily whether or not you can put your heating device.