Three Benefits of an Oil Filled Radiator

oil filled radiator

Nowadays, daylight is short and dark, cold hours are long. To maintain that cosy feeling requires efficient and effective heat distribution. Your system should operate in a way that your requirements can be reached with regard to environment, comfort and operation. Oil filled radiators are one of the more sought-after solutions due to the many benefits. They can be your energy efficient way of keeping your property at an ultimate temperature.

Here are three main benefits of oil filled electric radiators.

  1. Lower Running Costs

Electric radiators that offer fully programmable heating control give you the flexibility to create a bespoke heating routine and ambience for each room. Whether that’s daily programming, hour by hour, weekly and / or weekend, you have control. This ensures your achieving an optimal temperature when it is needed and preventing heat wastage in unused space.

  1. Heat Retention

Oil filled radiators are excellent at retaining heat due to thermal fluid transferring heat out into the space while warming the surrounding air. It has the amazing ability to stay warm and retain heat for longer which in turn keeps money in your pocket.

  1. Energy Saving Features

There are extra features of oil filled radiators to help save energy: a built-in energy monitor will help you to optimise and understand your energy usage, making it even easier to take control. The Designer RCTT has open window detection built in, the radiator senses when windows are open and will switch off.

With these optimal benefits engineered to suit your needs while saving you money, it’s hard not to consider oil filled radiators the next time you make a purchase. Here at Haverland, we have a range of solutions to help your electricity bills fall this winter. Choose your ideal product for your space, here.