The rise of electric heating in the UK

With millions of homes with no access to a gas line and looming legislative changes banning the use of gas as a heating source in new homes altogether, the spotlight is on alternative forms of heating.

The demand for electric heaters in the UK has been rising steadily in recent times. Electric heating is currently the main non-gas heating source in Scotland and England, with up to 40% of UK flats being electrically heated.

Using a combination of convection and radiant forms of heat, electric radiators, like those produced by us, are the ideal solution for efficiently and cost-effectively heating all types of spaces. In particular, we see a lot of installations of our electric radiators in:

  • Garage and loft conversions
  • Domestic extensions
  • Conservatories
  • Holiday homes
  • Hotels
  • Care homes
  • Social housing
  • Student accommodation
  • Offices

With almost 50 years of expertise in electric heating technology behind us, we’ve honed the engineering of our products to provide a robust heating system for all manner of spaces. Electric radiators are 100% efficient. This means that 100% of the energy used by them generates heat, with no wastage. They can be operated as a single heating unit, or with the latest SMART technology, be linked together to form a central heating system. Advanced digital thermostats and built-in energy monitors provide highly accurate energy consumption control.

With changes in technology, infrastructure and legislation, the demand for electric heating is set to grow even stronger. Our new infographic highlights some of the political, economical, social and technological trends that are driving this demand and some of the technology features that put our electric radiators front and centre as an efficient and cost-effective solution.