The best heating solution for your bathroom

heating solution for your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the spaces where having a warm atmosphere is essential, since when you got out of the shower it was very cold. Fortunately, there are different options to combat the cold. The best heating solution for your bathroom are towel rails. They are very practical elements as they are very easily integrated into the bathroom thanks to their elegant design.

Heating solution: Towel rails

They serve to add a warm atmosphere to the space, but they also serve to dry towels. Towel rails work through an electrical connection in the home. They heat up very quickly using resistances and materials that transport heat with ideal thermal properties to preserve warmth. Usability is the main characteristic of these devices, since, thanks to the thermostats, you can adjust both the time and the temperature that best suits the size of the space and the time needed. Another advantage is that they take up less space since they are fixed to the wall and are flat.

In addition, its easy maintenance makes it one of the best heating devices to heat the bathroom, you just have to clean the surface with a cloth.

TOD Electric Towel Rail

In Haverland, the TOD electric towel rail model stands out, with a high-precision digital thermostat with PID technology, which reduces the bill by saving energy and regulates the temperature in the room. It also has an LCD screen, keyboard lock, comfort, economy and auto modes, 9 preset programs, class II, IP44, easy installation and safety thermal limiter. In addition, it has a consumption indicator, programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and detects open windows. There are two models, the TOD-4 (425W and 17 bars) and the TOD-7 (700W and 25 bars).

Advantages of the electr radiator

  • Another option is to let natural light in during all available hours of the day, they are an additional source of heat for the bathroom. It may only add a degree or two to the temperature, but it’s a great benefit in addition to making the room bright and cheery. The additional light also improves visibility in the room.
  • Check for heat leaks. The bathroom tiles make this a cooler space, they always have a lower temperature, due to the material with which their floors and walls are covered. A review of the silicone gaskets and windows, and, if necessary, replacement, will mean that the bathroom is not so cold and, when you use the heating, it will keep the heat for longer.
  • Carpets. Incorporate a carpet so you don’t step on the bathroom floor barefoot and you can keep your feet warm at all times. There are a large number of models and designs on the market, it will also be an economical and effective way to give a different touch to the space and have a hot bath.

In addition to towel rails, Haverland has a wide range of emitters for heating systems.