Technology innovation in electric radiators

Nowadays, electric heaters are designed with different features such as Wi-Fi and mobile applications for smartphones. This innovative design allows customers to manage temperature, energy consumption and costs anytime, anywhere. Electric radiators that include home automation technology are more beneficial for users.

Technological innovation is one of Haverland’s hallmarks. The concept of technological innovation is the engine that drives our electric radiators, designed to achieve an efficient environment. It is no longer necessary to waste energy and think about a large economic cost to enjoy the ideal temperature in your home.

Electric radiators

Haverland’s electric radiators adapt to the needs of their customers, the Wi and Iris smart heat emitters as they are self-programmable and self-program according to your daily routine and your needs. With Wi-Fi technology you will have control from your smartphone, Tablet and PC/Mac in real time, at anytime and anywhere in the world.

The RCO range has Bluetooth and with this technology you can program transmitters from your smartphone. You no longer have to bend down and program your radiators one by one. Program and launch the configuration to your RCO emitters.

To make Haverland electric radiators efficient, they feature PID (Proportional, Integrated and Derivative) technology with energy optimization algorithms. They predict the electrical energy needed at each moment so that the room reaches the desired temperature with the minimum energy expenditure. PID technology decreases the electrical energy needed to maintain a stable temperature. Also, it analyses accurately the thermal variations of the environment in the most efficient way.

In addition, if we add to all these technologies the exclusive “consumption control” function, you will be able to see the real-time consumption data of each radiator and thus properly manage the consumption of your heating, saving money, from the first minute.

Haverland App

To complete all the technologies that Haverland electric radiators have, they have the free application Haverland App, with which you will control in an integral or individual way without limit of rooms.

In conclusion, innovation is our maxim and that is why we offer you electric radiators with the latest advances currently available. Choosing the right heating system for your home is a decision for years to come.

We manufacture efficient heating systems so that you reduce your energy consumption. Our technologies improve the management of the energy necessary to maintain a homogeneous temperature, transferring heat to the environment in the most uniform way.