Team Haverland wishes you a Merry Christmas!

2021 has been an atypical year, full of We thank our clients for all the support received in 2021 and we hope they continue to trust us in 2022 because we will work for it every day.

These days we don´t stop listening to the famous song that we all carry in our hearts “we wish you are merry christmas”. Songs that we only listen to at this time of Christmas with our loved ones, while we cook Christmas recipes at home or decorate the Christmas tree.

Now we walk and we only hear people saying “Merry Christmas everyone”. Some parties to enjoy with all the people you love and always wishing you the best. Hence, we wish you the best.

Enjoy a warm Christmas at home

Christmas is the best time to spend time with family and friends and always in a warm atmosphere at home,  enjoying your family cooking Christmas recipes

Christmas is a special time to share moments of affection, fun, laughter, anecdotes that happened throughout the year, and, why not say it, feasts and delicious sweets. We know that it is a time to enjoy with those closest to you, but in Haverland, without wanting to be intrusive, we also want to share our best wishes with you and your families.


This Christmas we wish you to spend wonderful moments surrounded by those you love the most. On these days, it is time to come home wrapped in a scarf and a hat looking for the warmth of your home and the love of yours, without forgetting to give and receive the most special gifts that awaken all our illusion.


Do you need ideas for a special detail?

Something that never fails is the typical Christmas greeting, but on many occasions we are left blank and we do not know how to put together the right words to express what we feel. For this reason, from Haverland we wanted to give you a series of options to personalize the typical and hackneyed Christmas phrases. Make a video, this is already something unique, although you can repeat the typical phrase of Merry Christmas!. Dress up in Christmas attire and choose the space in your home that best represents this time of year. Before sending the message, do a family brainstorming, surely together you will come up with something original that the person who receives it will love. Try to think of something unique that unites you with that person, an anecdote, an inside joke, a song … We are sure you can think of something!


These are just some ideas that from Haverland we want to give you so that this Christmas will once again be the special Christmas that you liked so much.


Happy Holidays from the entire Haverland Team!