Sustainable Heating with Modern Design

Sustainable heating with modern design

Today we must make important decisions based on an important question: do we make sustainable and environmental choices or do we not? Haverland cannot look the other way on the undeniable facts about how the planet is suffering. Which is why we proudly offer fully LOT 20 compliant sustainable heating that will not only help you be responsible on your energy consumption and save money, but will also elevate your home with its modern design.

Environmentally conscious heating systems

Haverland’s sustainable heating systems feature electric heating controls to help users fully customize their temperature settings to their liking. The ULTRAD electric radiator has an intelligent management system with sensor technology that lets it know when someone is in the room, automatically heating it up to a comfortable temperature and lowering its temperature when the room is empty, thus reducing energy consumption. Similarly, the Simply electric radiator can switch itself off if a window is left open in the room. It also lets you customize a heating schedule which helps reduce unnecessary energy use. Other devices, such as the RCTT Connect, with its “Consumption Indicator,” allows you to monitor how much energy you are spending and limits the device from overheating.

Sustainable and modern designs

When we think about a sustainable product, we tend to think about something plain or unsophisticated. That is not the case for Haverland’s heating systems. Their sleek and elegant designs will upgrade any room and will blend in with any decoration you may have. 

Haverland’s sustainable heating systems take away the burden of having to make a decision on what type of model to have in your home: a modern design that looks beautiful but can be harmful to the environment; or a modern and elegant design that looks beautiful and is also sustainable. Why choose between these functionalities if you can have both?