Smart Home Technology

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has the unique ability to change lives.

That’s quite a statement but in fact, it is already happening. Thanks to recent technological developments, the IoT has been utilised to help cities suffering from chronic pollution. It is also being used to transform healthcare delivery as another example.

On the outside, the impact is evident. On the inside, in our day-to-day lives, IoT is automating responsibilities that may have caused frustrations due to lack of time or memory to execute. It is where consumers are seeing the true benefit of IoT and witnessing the future of our society. Below are great benefits that can be experienced by incorporating IoT into your household.

Enable IoT in your home

When it comes to everyday life and the home, the IoT has enabled us to extend connectivity into a range of non-Internet every-day items. Smart homes enable us to control items around the house with a push of a button or a voice command. We can set lamps to turn on, surveillance cameras to film and our heating systems to increase or decrease heat, all at a whim and without even being home!

The potential for smart home environments is huge. The need is increasing to provide better facilities and improve your quality of life. The best way to improve the quality of life is by turning a home environment into a smart home environment, making it a more comfortable place to live.

Living in a smart home has the potential to gain more control over every aspect of your house as well as increasing safety. In addition, the IoT can create a more efficient home which leads to savings in energy and upkeep costs.

Smart home-heating systems

The most current range of smart radiators enjoy the very latest in technology and will without a doubt, change the way we heat our homes. But not all smart home-heating systems are made equal as some have additional smart features to further reduce those bills.

Haverland’s ULTRAD is a smart radiator that can heat up your home remotely via the Haverland app. It also has intelligent features that provide a further reduction in energy usage.

  • A unique sensor detects when the room is in use. The in-built motion sensor allows the ULTRAD to recognise movement in the room and intelligently sets itself to the ideal temperature. When the room is no longer in use, ULTRAD lowers the temperature to an economy setting.
  • Self-programming, ULTRAD learns your family’s movements within the first week of operation. Daily programs are created by pattern recognition. Rooms are heated to the perfect temperature before being occupied. Automatic and continual updates of daily and weekly cycles.

In addition to these added features, ULTRAD is powered by cutting edge technology that will save you money on your heating.

  • With an electronic thermostat, you can enjoy unprecedented control over the temperature of your room.
  • Open window technology means no more wasted energy. ULTRAD detects an open window and turns itself off to prevent wasted energy.
  • Intelligent or manual programming options.
  • A modern and sleek design means the radiator looks good in any room.

At this time of year, the weather is constantly changing, showing us a hint of summer one day and the next, reminding us that winter is not just a distant memory. At times like this, keeping your home comfortable can be troublesome, but with our range of smart radiators, control is quick and very simple.

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