Selecting the best radiator size for your needs with our calculator

One of our most asked questions is, what is the best radiator size for our room in order to achieve efficient warmth? The answer is easy because we have devised a calculator that will help you estimate the best radiator size for you to purchase so you can make the best out of your room and heat it up correctly.

Haverland’s interactive BTU Calculator. How does it work?

Haverland’s interactive BTU Calculator is easy to use. With just a simple math (that you won’t have to do yourself) it will let you know the watts required and the size and number of electric radiators you would need to purchase in order to best heat your room. 

The only information you will need to provide is the size of the room: width, length and height, expressed in meters, and then specify what type of room it is and if the windows are double glazed or not. The calculator will compute the cubic volume of the room and convert this information into BTU or Watts and help you determine the electric radiators needed in terms of heating output, type and number to keep the heating optimal and comfortable. 

Our BTU calculator will also determine the heat loss in the room and factor it in when recommending the best radiator size and number required to heat the room correctly.

Who is the BTU Calculator for?

Our interactive radiator size calculator is designed to help both installers and consumers determine the heating requirements of any room, whether domestic or commercial. 

Benefits of using a BTU calculator to measure radiator size

There are several benefits when using a BTU calculator to determine what size of electric radiator you need for your home. The first one being that you will make sure you are not wasting your money because you are purchasing a radiator size that will heat up every inch of your room correctly. 

But another important benefit is that it’s the best way to reduce energy bills. If the radiator you have purchased is too large, the bills will increase unnecessarily. If it’s too small, then you will need to keep it on and running constantly, which will waste energy and increase the bills, or you would have to purchase several small radiators in order to keep the room comfortable.

At Haverland, leader in the manufacture of electric radiators in the UK, we aim to offer users and installers an optimal experience and take full control and make the best use of their electric heating. If you need further information, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you.