Save time and money this Christmas with our smart electric radiators

Christmas is the time of year when we meet with our family and friends the most. Celebratory lunches and dinners that last days and days for almost a month. Not only do you go out to restaurants and bars but we invite you home and we want to be the best hosts. For us to be comfortable at home it is necessary to have a warm atmosphere in winter, that does not spend cold in the room in which we are. This year it is also essential that the Smart electric radiators we choose make us save money on bills, in addition to knowing the best ways to save money on your electricity Bill, which are small tricks with which you can sabe time and money. 

Smart electric radiators

At Haverland we are aware of the importance save money on the bill and that is why we propose you a series of smart radiators that we have in our product range.


The first of these is the ULTRAD model, a smart electric radiator that is self-programming and a wide range of control options. In addition, it has unique sensor technology, ULTRAD knows when someone is in a room and is heated to a pleasant temperature. When the room is not in use, will automatically lower its temperature, reducing energy consumption and thus save time and money.

Designer RCTT

Another option for smart electric radiators is the Designer RCTT. An energy-efficient solution for any space and in all types of buildings. This radiator combines the best of high quality design with precision engineering and thermal capabilities, to heat your space efficiently and effectively.

Inerzia Dry Stone

We continue with the model Inerzia Dry Stone, which is ideal for large spaces or houses with high ceilings. The high energy efficiency and enhanced thermal performance of INERZIA ‘Dry Stone’ have made it a cost-effective and viable heating solution. The secret to success lies in Haverland’s “Dry Stone” thermal technology.

RCBL and RCM electrics radiators

We also found the RCBL model. With an integrated, easy-to-see power monitor, they facilitate power usage control. Because thanks to this, they generate important energy savings that translate into money savings on the bill.

The RCM, is the new radiator with built-in energy monitoring, that is,  Haverland’s RCM radiators are specifically designed to meet the challenge of heating many rooms, from homes and apartments to commercial buildings, offices and commercial spaces.


Another of Haverland’s smart electric radiators is the ECO-RADI (XRI), its three main features are energy saving, style and comfort. It has multiple control options, plus remote control for smartphone, tablet or PC / Mac thanks to the Haverland Smartbox (accessory). It also has the function of knowing when you are in the room or not and the open window function. With this radiator you save time and money. Within this range we also find the ECO-RAD (XR) model.

Ecodry- GPS

Another alternative within smart electrical emitters is the Ecodry-GPS, which has the function of energy monitoring, zone control, GPS technology thanks to the Smartbox, with which thanks to geolocation, Activate the heating system before you get home.

The Smartwave model uses innovative self-learning technology to learn your weekly routine and create an energy-saving heating program that reduces your heating bills without compromising your comfort. To have a little more control over your radiators, all our SmartWaves are compatible with wifi, allowing you to modify your heating programs over the Internet.

RC Wave radiator

And finally our flagship radiator, the RC Wave, is a low-consumption domestic heating. Heat spaces quickly thanks to its efficient technology.

In conclusion, with this post we have created in Haverland we wanted to offer you the best ways to save money while not spending cold at home. Any of these smart electrical emitters save you money on the bill. In addition, other advantages are the revisions of smart electric radiators, which are very easy and simple.