The rise of the bathroom spa

heated towel rails

With more and more of us travelling for business and pleasure, there is a growing demand for people to have that ‘hotel at home’ experience.

In fact, if Pinterest is anything to go by, searches on the site for ‘bathroom spa’ have increased by an amazing 269% in the last year alone!

As more people try to create that feeling of luxury and relaxation in their own home, there are many ways that today’s hotel trends can be incorporated into the look and feel of a domestic bathroom. Here are a few ideas for starters:

Go indigo blue

According to Ideal Home’s bathroom trends for 2018, Indigo blue is the must-have colour. According to the trendsetting magazine ‘indigo is the new black’! So, whether it is tiling, or accessories, indigo blue additions are perfect for the 2018 bathroom.

Sunken baths or heritage bathrooms?

If you have the space or budget a sunken bath is a key trend for the year, as it is reminiscent of many boutique hotels. Alternatively putting the bath on a raised platform will make it a stand out feature. For those who prefer more traditional design, the heritage bathroom is proving very popular, with period-style fixtures and fittings and a free-standing roll-top bath. For those without the space, a shower with brass accessories is completely on-trend.

Warm and beautiful

A bathroom might look amazing, yet don’t forget to think about ensuring it is warm, as well as welcoming. For those looking for an ultra-modern interior, Haverland has created a range of super-slim profile electric radiators that add that luxurious feel to any contemporary bath or shower room. The Haverland XTAL PLASMA is not only designed to fit in even the smallest bathrooms, but its innovative tempered glass design brings sophistication to any bathroom.

For those looking for a more traditional bathroom heating solution, Haverland has created the TE-heated towel rails, which still bring a touch of modern luxury to any bathoom space.

No matter what style of bathroom spa experience you are wanting, it is possible to bring a little (or a lot!) of luxury to the space and be on trend at the same time.

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