Replacing Traditional Storage Heating

Storage heaters were pitched as an efficient, low-cost way to heat your home, drawing their power at night to retain it for use the following day. They were introduced at a time when electric radiators were several leagues away from the ultra-slim, ultra-efficient products on the market today. Despite alternatives available, there are still numerous homes in the UK using this traditional heating method.

In theory, storage heaters are useful appliances. In practice, they can be the opposite!

Think of storage heaters similar to a hot drink for your morning commute to work, once you’ve made the drink, it instantly loses heat. Gradually cooling down until it’s no longer warm, before you’ve even reached work you have a cold drink. This metaphor extends to storage heaters. When a storage heater stops charging, it begins to lose heat until there’s nothing left and won’t charge until the off-peak charge rate comes back around again.

With this heating system, you’re forced to be mindful of your heating habits. You can bring your heating into the 21st century by investing in modern electric radiators which come with additional features specifically designed to integrate into your daily modern routine.

Now’s the time to ditch the old habits and embrace the future.

Haverland has a wide range of products to move your home into the 21st century, from traditional electric radiators to the company’s latest IoT connected heater – ULTRAD, Haverland has a style to suit any need.

The ULTRAD is a self-learning electric radiator that can be controlled with a smartphone, tablet via an Android/ IOS App or through your browser in any computer from anywhere in the world. During its first week of operation, ULTRAD recognises patterns when the room is used, creating daily programs. It automatically adjusts its settings so that the room is at the perfect temperature before it is occupied. ULTRAD then learns continuously, automatically repeating its intelligent daily and weekly cycles, while sensing and adapting to changes in when the room is used, a feature not possible with a storage heater.

The ULTRAD will provide above and beyond what storage heaters are capable of, offering more control, no configuration required, and flexibility with your heating requirements. For reliable and efficient heating, look no further!