Portable home air conditioner: How to find the right one for your space and budget

Portable home air conditioner: How to find the right one for your space and budget

The United Kingdom is not a very hot country, but in the summer, temperatures can rise considerably, making the environment uncomfortable. If you want to enjoy a cool and pleasant climate in your home without making a significant investment or undergoing construction work, a portable air conditioner is a good option.

Portable air conditioners are devices that can be moved from one room to another according to your needs, requiring only a power source and an exterior outlet for the hot air exhaust hose. They are easy to install, use, and store, offering great versatility.

However, not all portable air conditioners are the same. There are different models, sizes, and power capacities, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before purchasing a portable air conditioner for your home, it’s important to consider some key aspects that will help you choose the most suitable one.

What power capacity do you need for a portable air conditioner in your home?

The power capacity of a portable air conditioner is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) and determines its cooling capacity. The higher the power capacity, the larger the area it can effectively cool and the faster it can do so.

To determine the necessary power capacity, you should consider the size of the room you want to cool, its orientation, insulation, the number of people and electrical appliances present, and the external temperature.


As a general guideline, you can refer to the following table:


Area (m2) Power Capacity (BTUs)
9-14 5000-6000
14-23 6000-8000
23-32 8000-10000
32-42 10000-12000
42-51 12000-14000

However, it’s important to note that this table does not account for other factors that can influence the performance of a portable air conditioner, such as humidity levels or ventilation. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose a unit with a slightly higher capacity than the calculated result.

What other features should you consider when purchasing a portable air conditioner?

In addition to power capacity, there are other features that can enhance the comfort and functionality of a portable air conditioner. Here are some important considerations:

Noise level

Measured in decibels (dB) and varying depending on the model and fan speed. It’s ideal to choose a unit that does not exceed 65 dB, which is the recommended limit by the World Health Organization (WHO) to avoid auditory discomfort. For example, the Haverland UK IGLU-9 portable air conditioner has a noise level of 65 dB and features a night mode to reduce noise.

Energy consumption

Measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and dependent on factors such as power capacity, type of unit, and usage. It’s recommended to choose a unit with an energy label of class A or higher, as they are more efficient and environmentally friendly.


This refers to the size, weight, shape, and colour of the unit. It’s important to select a unit that fits well in the available space, is easy to transport, and has an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Additional features

Consider the extra options offered by the unit to enhance comfort and user control. Some common features include a timer, remote control, thermostat, night mode, air filter, or dehumidifier.

To enjoy these benefits, it’s crucial to choose a portable air conditioner that meets your needs and budget. For this purpose, trusting a leading brand in electric radiators, heat emitters, and smart heating in the UK like Haverland UK is highly recommended.

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