The perfect setting for the perfect night’s sleep

Electric radiator

Sleep is something we all look forward too but isn’t always the easiest to achieve. Due to chaotic schedules, eating habits, children or health issues much of the UK population struggle to get the recommended 8 hours per night.  

Whilst the length of time we’re asleep is important, equally vital are the different sleep stages and cycles a human body goes through while they are asleep. In a perfect night, someone should complete four to six cycles that consist of light and deep slumber. Deep sleep is the most restorative and the stage we all aim for, however, it can take up to 60 minutes to reach. If we suffer from frequent awakenings throughout the night, it’s nearly impossible to enter the deep sleep stage, and feel the positive benefits it offers.  

Temperature affects sleep efficiency 

The temperature in our surrounding environment can be an important factor that influences sleeping habitsThe impact of our body and room temperature can encourage wakefulness if not at a comfortable level. A room that is too cold will cause us to wake frequently during the night and reduce sleep efficiency. 

Being cold affects sleep by keeping blood pressure elevated and making it harder to fall and stay asleep. In fact, a 1° deviation can cause considerable disruption. Research shows that the optimum room temperature for the ideal night’s sleep is 18°C. 

Controlling the perfect environment 

Many central heating systems control multiple rooms at once, and 18°C in the living room or bathroom doesn’t make for a cosy environment. Getting a single room to an accurate temperature and maintaining it is, therefore, a challenge.   

Electric radiators provide the solution 

The latest in electric radiators provide a vast array of features. For example, with individual thermostats, you can be in complete control of the temperatures, room by room, right down to one degree. Integrated timers allow you to set-up a heating schedule which is useful in the bedroom as you can programme your timers to turn off the radiator 30 minutes after bedtime and to turn on 30 minutes before you wake-up.  The combination of the thermostat, which you can set to 18°C, coupled with the timer means you can enjoy a comfortable temperature when you go to bed and wake-up and an optimum temperature through the night to help get the perfect night’s sleep.  

Our Designer range of electric radiators boast both features. They combine the very best of high-quality design with precision engineering and thermal capabilities. Models within this range come equipped with daily, weekly and weekend programming options allowing a high degree of control over your environment. Our smart electric radiators such as the ULTRADDesigner RCTT, RCMand Designer XRI include additional, advanced control options, allowing you to control heating from an app on your phone or tablet. Or, using the self-programming mode, you can allow these electric radiators to learn your preferred settings and to automatically control temperatures by themselves, providing the utmost convenience. 

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