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What impact does room temperature have when working from home?

Many of us will currently be working from home. For some of us, this might be a very normal thing to do, either all of the time or occasionally. But for a lot of us, working from home might also be very unusual and a big adjustment. Having…
Electric radiators

A message to our UK customers regarding COVID-19

As we face these challenging times together, we wanted to share some information with you on how we are approaching the developing situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
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The rise of electric heating in the UK

Looming legislative changes banning the use of gas as a heating source in new homes altogether, the spotlight is on alternative forms of heating.
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How wall mounted electric radiators can save you money on heating

At Haverland we have been designing and manufacturing electric radiators for almost 50 years. We’ve learned a lot about heating during that time, and we make a continuous effort to apply that knowledge to our latest electric heating solutions. You…
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How wall-mounted electric radiators work

If you’ve been thinking of installing an electric radiator but are weighing up your options, we’d urge you to give due consideration to your choices.   There are many companies that offer forms of wall-mounted electric heating. Panel…
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Meet TOD - Our newest heated towel rail

We’re proud to introduce you to a new product in our family. Meet TOD - a new model of heated towel rail that is available now from Haverland. Heated towel rails have grown in popularity over the years and are now a staple feature in bathrooms,…
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Have you switched your heating on with the rest of Britain?

If you’ve been reaching for the thermostat dial recently, you’re not alone. Research from Tado shows that when the outdoor temperature drops to 14oC, we Brits start to think about making our homes cosy[1]. This means that October is the…

Money back for every Haverland electric radiator you buy

Are you taking advantage of our reward scheme? If not, then you’ll want to read on as your certainly missing out!

How heating is being affected by changes to SAP

  The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) changes have rocked quite a few boats. Since 2012, it has been clear that moving towards a sustainable and wallet-friendly future is happening, but quite how the legislation will unfold…
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Why electric radiators are the ideal heating solutions for student accommodation

With the academic year complete, university places confirmed and the summer holidays upon us, students are now turning their focus to accommodation choices in preparation for university in September. Meanwhile, landlords and accommodation…