Functionality and design in our new low-level electric wall mounted radiators

When choosing and buying something as essential as a heater for our home, a series of questions come to mind: What type of electric radiators is the most suitable for me? What design is optimal for my home? Should I invest in an electric wall mounted radiator?

To clear some of these doubts, we want to introduce the new Haverland Radiator: Low-level electric wall-mounted radiator RCBL. Its a low-level installed radiator able to distribute the heat all over the room making it perfect for small spaces, rooms or for loft-type apartments.

What are the most efficient electric wall mounted radiators?

Only a few can surpass this new Haverland model in efficiency, it has an integrated energy monitor, which is possible to keep track of its use while having the option to optimize its consumption.

It is programmable 24/7 with temperature adjustment (Comfort, Economy, Anti-freeze) and also has 4 pre-programmed heating times and a great feature that allows you to create a schedule tailored to our needs. The installation of this model is very easy and simple since it’s one of our electric wall mounted radiators which require no refurbishment.

Is it cheaper to leave radiators on all the time?

It is not recommended to leave a radiator on throughout the day as this usually has a high cost. This model, thanks to its monitor, helps us to know how much electricity we are using.

In that way, it makes it easier to decide and to consider if it is worth lowering that degree or two more as it would not change the climate of the room at all but might contribute to great savings.

What if an electric radiator’s height does not fit where I want to locate it?

The problem comes when you only think in “standard” measurements. What you actually need is a lower-level heating device that fits wherever you need. Versatility is the key to make the most of any space, and at Haverland we offer you our vertically shorter device that might be exactly what you need.

Intelligence and design, the main ingredients of the new electric wall mounted radiators RCBL model

It’s shape and measurements are not the only advantages that RCBL can offer. As it is easy to program and allows you to know how much you are spending, RCBL is a great candidate to be your electric radiator. These great features added to its elegance and its discreet design will make it very hard for you to say no to. 

A compact style, white and elegant, ideal to place it on any strategic low wall in your apartment.

RCBL Electric Radiator