Our Latest Electric Radiators

Technology was created to make our lives easier. Nowadays, we probably prefer to buy tools that give us efficient solutions for daily activities or ones that can solve our problems by learning what we need in our homes and working spaces. Electric radiators are the best option for everyone and, in response to popular demand, now we can control their functions by using apps in smartphones and tablets that connect to our devices through Bluetooth technology. 

Haverland is in constant innovation. Our company’s most important goal is for our clients to be comfortable and have a great quality of life.

 The ultimate technology on electric radiators

One of Haverland’s latest electric radiators with ultimate technology is the RCTT. It’s filled with a dynamic fluid that has high thermal inertia with technology that is sophisticated and easy to operate. It also includes a fully controllable digital thermostat and comes with a visible LCD display that provides the user the ability to control the thermostat very easily.

It is the perfect solution to keep you warm and comfortable during the winter, without any complicated programs, allowing you to enjoy your time at home.

Our RCTT electric radiator allows you to find out your electricity consumption in real time, maximizing savings and maintaining your level of comfort.

Thanks to its novel natural stone (100% steatite) it provides a greater thermal inertia than other traditional ceramic electric radiators.

Our electric radiators are ideal for everyone

The best thing about Haverland’s electric radiators is that you get to choose the one that best adapts to your lifestyle and daily needs. We have 3 types of devices: comfort, economy & anti-freeze. 

  • Daily, weekly and weekend programming options. 
  • Safety thermal limiter.
  • Easy & quick installation.
  • Sealed for life – no maintenance required.
  • Consumption control function.

Here are a few other electric radiators with the latest technology that you can find in our website:

  • RCTT Connect:

    It’s perfect for any working or living space. This electric radiator is wall mounted and has an exclusive and elegant design with ultimate engineering and thermal capabilities.

It also has an exclusive Wi-Fi pairing system so it can be controlled from any smartphone wherever you are. If the Wi-Fi connection is lost, the transmitter continues to work without any problem. In addition, this product has a ‘consumption control’ function, 24/7 programming, open window detector and manual or automatic mode.


    Heats up to a comfortable temperature when someone gets in the room and lowers the temperature when the room is empty. 

Haverland’s electric radiators are efficient low-consumption heating devices that work when they are connected to an electrical network. They are not difficult to install and very easy to use, providing a quick and effective solution. Our electric radiators are also a 100% environment friendly systems (they don’t consume oxygen or produce smoke or gasses) and their thermal conductions by aluminum guarantees the advantage over other electric radiators.