Loyalty DOES Pay!

Haverland League

Do you ever feel that loyalty doesn’t pay anymore? From mortgages and electricity deals to banks and gyms all the best deals seem to be aimed at attracting new customers, not retaining the existing ones. However, Haverland has introduced a new loyalty scheme that rewards the loyalty of the company’s installers.

Haverland has more than 40 years experience in the manufacture and sale of electric radiators and heating systems to more than 30 countries across the world. Over this time the company has built up a strong reputation amongst installers for providing quality products that promote manufacturing excellence and are the most efficient electrical heaters on the market.

With a loyal following of installers, the company has decided to set up a scheme to say thank you to its loyal customers.  So, to reward installers, the company has launched the Haverland League loyalty scheme.  The company shows appreciation to installers for their continued commitment by giving them cash in their pocket for every eligible Haverland product they buy.

Once signed up to the Haverland League, installers can claim their purchases on the dedicated claims page with some basic purchase information. As soon as the claim is approved the installer will receive points into their account, which can be redeemed for a virtual or plastic pre-paid MasterCard. Once they have the initial card the installer can add funds with any new points earned. The more products that are purchased, the greater points are awarded, meaning more cash to spend anywhere the installer wants!

The process of registering, logging claims and redeeming points is straightforward to do and if you are an installer, don’t delay, but visit www.haverland-league.co.uk today to be rewarded for your loyalty.