Invest in sustainability with Haverland

At Haverland, we are aware of the importance of fighting climate change, and because of this we want to help you save energy with our devices while enjoying the comfort of your home. Less energy consumption means not only economic savings, something that you will sure appreciate, but also means less carbon emissions to the atmosphere. Invest in sustainability with Haverland.

Ways of helping you to invest in sustainability

From Haverland we know that both this savings are important, and we understand that we have three ways of helping you and the planet achieve them:

  • Eficiency: How our devices use a given amount of energy to turn it into heating power in order to bring warmth to your home is something that we are very invested in. Our electric radiators are specially designed from materials to energy monitoring so 100% of the energy used by our radiators converts to heat, with zero wastage, while continuously measuring the temperature of the room making sure is the desired one.
  • Programming: As a complementary saving option, you can choose when your electric radiators are functioning. Our devices offer different solutions for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Daily, weekly and monthly programming depending on your lifestyle mean a heating system adapted to your comfort, minimizing waste of electricity while you are not home. Some devices allow you to program an schedule manually or connecting your smartphone via Haverland App, like our Simply electric radiator; while others will just detect when you are in a room to increase the temperature, and when you leave it to lower it 4ºC, self-learning your routine to repeat it the following week, as our ULTRAD electric radiator.
  • Guidance: Having the appropriate powerforce for the needs of your home can really make a difference in your savings and comfort. Estimating the energy consumption can be challenging, and that is why we put at your disposal our Haverland heating calculator, that will help you learn how many electric radiators of each model and power you need to heat your home.


As we know that taking care of the planet is the best investment for the future, all of our electric radiators are fully LOT20 compliant and the products’ packaging is also widely recyclable.

Our electric radiators are designed from the outset to be environmentally conscious. We have pioneered advanced electric heating controls to enable users to fully control their temperature settings. All Haverland electric radiators are fully LOT 20 compliant.

We also include recycled materials in the production of our electric radiators, and the products’ packaging is also widely recyclable. Haverland is fully compliant with the WEEE Directive.