Discover How to Find the Ideal Electric Radiator for Your Home in 2 Steps

Not sure how to calculate the right heating for your home and choose the perfect electric radiator? Don’t worry! We’re here to guide you in just two simple steps.

When it comes to keeping your home warm and cozy, finding the right electric radiator is crucial.
Luckily, we’ve simplified the process with our Haverland Heating Calculator.
This user-friendly resource allows you to determine exactly how much heating power you need. Here’s how to do it!

Step 1: Access the Haverland Heating Calculator

Head over to our online Heating Calculator by clicking here.

This helpful tool will assist you in determining your heating needs based on your home’s size, location, and insulation level.

Step 2: Enter Your Home Details

Complete the requested details, such as geographical location, home size in square meters, and insulation level.
Our calculator will use this information to provide you with a precise estimate of the required heating power.

And that’s it! With just two steps, you’ll be one step closer to choosing the perfect electric radiator for your home.
Remember, efficient heating not only keeps you warm but can also help you save energy and reduce costs.

At Haverland, we’re committed to providing you with smart and efficient heating solutions. Feel free to use our Heating Calculator and take a step towards a more comfortable and efficient home!


Ready to find the perfect electric radiator? Access the Haverland Heating Calculator here.