How to save money on energy bills if you are living in the UK

With this cold, the only thing we can think about is getting home and turning on the heating while lying on the sofa watching a movie or just resting. But with the ongoing energy crisis we cannot put our minds off the increasing price, so we have to be concerned about the bills. Many people are already making changes regarding energy waste, particularly electricity and the use of heating systems. How to save money on energy bills if you are living in the UK?

We cannot tell you at what time of the day you should have to turn it on or off as it depends on your needs, the weather or your own routines. However, we can predict certain routines. For instance, if you work outside, you will have an early start so you can switch it on half an hour before you get up.  Then, switch it off until half an hour before getting back home. This way, you will enjoy an optimal temperature at your arrival. 

What about at night? The best thing to do is to turn it off half an hour before you go to sleep, so you will have a cozy room all night long. 

At the weekend, it really depends on your schedule, but it would be normal to set different on / off times.

Tips to save money

Switch to a Smart electric radiator

If you are thinking of changing the heating, a Smart electric radiator is a very good option to save time and money.

You can control it from anywhere using your mobile via Bluetooth with an easy and simple application for smartphones, as you can find in the case of our SIMPLY electric radiator model.

In addition, our radiators have the function of controlling the cost, like our LCD RCTT model, which has its LCD screen, intuitive and easy to use, where you can control the cost in a simple way. In addition, this radiator has a safety thermal limiter in order to prevent overheating and energy waste. 


Some models such as ULTRAD, work with a sensor that helps the radiator to know if there is someone in the room to turn on until it reaches a comfortable temperature and when the room is empty, ULTRAD will automatically lower the temperature so as to reduce energy waste.

Turn your thermostat down by 1 ° C

An optimal temperature in a room is usually between 18 – 21 º, so try lowering a degree and see how you feel. This can be a good idea to save money.

Just lowering the temperature by 1ºC can help you save 10% of the heating bill and it won’t make a significant difference in temperature, but it will reduce the cost at the end of the month.

Take into account the material from which the radiator is made:

Our radiator models have an elegant structure and design, which gives your house a different, innovative and modern style. However at Haverland we do not only look at the design, but also at the best materials used to conduct the heat. For example, Designer RCTT combines the best design with an unmatched thermal capacity which thanks to its dynamic fluid technology heats a room efficiently.

Another good example of optimal thermal technology is the Inerzia model, with its “Dry Stone” thermal technology which is capable of providing a superior level of thermal performance. In fact, due to its great thermal capacity, this model is highly recommended to heat effectively large areas such as public buildings, malls, offices, etc.

To sum up, our technology will  contribute to your comfort at a reduced cost.