How to save energy and money with Haverland’s programmable electric radiators.

As energy consumption and environmental awareness become important issues, people are looking for ways to save money and reduce the amount of electricity they use. One solution is to switch to a programmable electric radiator. It can help control energy use and provide an efficient heating solution for your home. 


What is a Programmable Electric Radiator?

A programmable electric radiator is designed to offer efficient energy usage by regulating the temperature in individual rooms. GEO-DRY is our newest programmable electric radiator fitted with a sophisticated thermostat that enables users to control and adjust their heating output according to their requirements. 


The Benefits of Using Programmable Electric Radiators

One of the advantages of using programmable electric radiators is the ability to save energy and reduce your heating bills. These radiators are built with programming features that allow you to schedule heating times and tailor temperature settings to your needs. This means that you can choose when and where you want to heat your home most efficiently.

Another significant benefit of programmable electric radiators is their level of control. With our GEO-DRY, you can control the temperature in individual rooms, you can adjust the heat output to match the needs of each one. For example, you may want a lower temperature in a bedroom, but a higher one in the lounge. A programmable electric radiator can offer this level of specificity, which is not possible with central heating systems.


Choosing a Wireless Programmer

One of the most important components of our intelligent programmable electric radiator, GEO-DRY, is the wireless programmer that acts as a remote control for the radiator. 

The temperature of each room can be adjusted using WI-FI connectivity through the SmartBox HUB in your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac. It also includes geolocation technology so the radiator connects before you arrive home and disconnects when you leave.


Saving Energy and Money with Programmable Electric Radiators

To optimize the energy-saving potential of a programmable electric radiator, follow these tips:

  1. Set a lower temperature at night. If you are comfortable sleeping in a cooler environment, consider setting the radiator to a lower temperature at night. This will help to save energy and reduce your bills.
  2. Use scheduling features. Set your programmable electric radiator to come on only when you need it. If you spend most of your day at work, schedule your radiator to come on an hour or so before you return home.
  3. Heat individual rooms. If you only need to heat one room, use this type of heating solution for that room rather than switching on the central heating.
  4. Check the energy rating. When selecting a programmable electric radiator, check the energy rating to ensure that it is energy efficient. The higher the energy efficiency rating, the more energy you will be able to save.
  5. Regularly check thermostat settings. Make sure that you regularly check the thermostat settings on your programmable electric radiator. This will ensure that the temperature is set correctly and will help you to save money on your bills.


Haverland’s programmable electric radiators are a great investment that can help you to save money and reduce your energy consumption. By taking advantage of the advanced programming features and scheduling options, you can have better control over the temperature in your home and optimize energy use. By choosing GEO-DRY’s wireless programmer, you can enjoy greater convenience and control over your heating system. With the right approach, you can reduce your energy bills and create a more efficient and eco-friendly living environment.