How to replace a radiator

Replacing a radiator is a laborious and complicated task that requires time and knowledge, since it is necessary to know how to dismantle a radiator and how to mount the new one. In order to replace a radiator you have to take into account that you risk your safety and the safety of others if you don’t know how to do it well.

That’s why at Haverland we want to make things easy for you, your time and your family deserve the highest quality and security, luckily we have the latest eco-sustainable, safe and easy to transport technology. This way, you will be able to heat any room without the need to invest in several devices.

With our range of thermal emitters you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature without building work or complications, Haverland’s electric radiators are designed to provide you with maximum comfort.

An electric radiator as a simpler way to heat your home

Often the process of installing a new radiator makes us consider different possibilities for heating our home. One possible option is to purchase an electric radiator to meet your needs. In Haverland we have different models with features to suit you and a design that fits any room. These are:

  • ULTRAD: knows when someone’s in a room, and heats up to a comfortable temperature. It has, as well, a safety limiter to keep your children safe
  • RCTT Connect: it combines the very best of high quality design with precision engineering and thermal capabilities and an open window detection 
  • RCTT: The perfect solution to keep you warm and comfortable during the winter. It also has three modes: comfort, economy & anti-freeze.

Haverland offers the best solution to cover your needs with eco-sustainable technology. Choose the best option for your family and your home in Haverland