How to prevent allergies in spring with an air purifier

air purifier

Spring is one of the most anticipated seasons due to the arrival of good weather and longer days. But it is not so exciting for those suffering from allergic symptoms, since air quality is affected by increased pollination of plants and trees. One simple solution to prevent allergies in spring is the use of an air purifier.


2 ways of preventing allergies in Spring 

  • Reduce exposure to pollen by closing windows or avoiding going outdoors at specific times. 
  • Use devices that help take care of indoor air quality. They help alleviate allergy or asthma symptoms and prevent health problems, especially respiratory problems, such as an air purifier.


Benefits of using Haverland’s Air purifier for Spring

Air purifiers are recommended to be used throughout the year, but during spring months the demand for air purifiers rises. These devices help maintain a clean, safe, and free of impurities and viruses in homes, stores, offices, schools, rises.

Haverland, a leading brand in air conditioning, has the most advanced technology in its air treatment products, designed to achieve maximum comfort and well-being with low consumption and reducing energy expenditure with precision. Our Pure Air Box Purifier is adaptable to any place thanks to its small size, ionizes – deodorizes – disinfects and oxygenates the space where it is used, purifying rooms up to 140 m2 thanks to its combined operation of PCOTM technology with photocatalytic oxidation and ionization. It can eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, odours, and germs from the air on any surface at 99.99%, and its efficiency has been guaranteed by an independent laboratory. It also has a remote control and an almost negligible power consumption of 21W.

All Haverland’s air treatment products have been manufactured with maximum comfort and convenience in mind. In addition to being low consumption and ultra-quiet devices, they are easy to use, with 24h/7d programming, night mode, warning of product life cycle and easy cleaning and maintenance. Our products also have the Electro trust seal. A national seal of excellence awarded by the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Electrical Appliances (APPLIA).


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