How to keep your home clean with an air purifier? 

The temperature keeps dropping and the air is getting crispier. We tend to want to make our homes feel cozy by blasting the heat on our electric radiators or heaters so it can be as warm as possible when we get home. But not knowing how to configure our home devices, or that we need to pair them with an air purifier in order to have a clean home environment, can cause us problems in the long run. 

How to set up your heating systems at home during the cold weather:

It’s very important to know that the temperature of our heating systems should be between 20-21 degrees during the day and about 18 degrees at night. High temperature increases headaches and will cause the environment to dry out, leading to physical discomfort. 

Many of our electric radiators have programming options that are very easy to use. You can start heating your home hours before you arrive so the environment is nice and warm, and at an acceptable temperature, all throughout.

Another tip that we can give you is to pair your heating system with an air purifier to create a healthier environment. 

Why is an air purifier necessary during cold seasons?

Since heating devices are necessary during the cold months when we are inside our homes, we need to have a system that prevents the environment from drying out and clean it of toxic pollutants that will increase the risk of diseases at the same time. 

An air purifier will not only clean your home of particles, reduce allergies, eliminate dust, pollen and dust mites, but It will also help protect the respiratory tract, prevent dry skin, dry eyes and other mucous membranes. Moreover, it will improve the quality of the air you breathe at night and, therefore, it will help you to fall asleep and improve your sleep. 

At Haverland, we recommend the Pure Air Box air purifier, which eliminates any type of microorganisms, virus, bacteria and germs that may be lurking around your home. It also helps to disinfect and purify any space throughout the day with a minimum electrical expense.

We are a company committed to offering products of high quality standards that meet the needs of our customers. Having products that help protect the home environment and health of those who rely on us is a top priority.