How to heat your bathroom this winter

There are few things better than a hot shower on a cold day, when you just arrived home and all you want is to get rid of that umpleasant cold sensation that gets stuck on your skin and your body. However, once you are warm under the water, it can be difficult to think of getting out of the shower when you know your bathroom is at a lower temperature. So, how to heat your bathroom this winter?

At Haverland we want you to be comfortable in any room of your house, that’s why we have several options to heat your bathroom and even keeping your towels warm. Enjoy that moment of the day, having a shower knowing that it will be nice from start to finish, because the temperature will be amazing when you turn off the tap.

What is an electric towel warmer?

An electric towel rail or towel warmer is a simpler, cheaper and safer heating than traditional heating, specifically designed for the bathroom, since it fulfills a double function: to climatize the room and dry the bath linen.

Advantages of heating your bathroom with an electric wall radiator

  • This electric radiator does not require water pipes, just an electrical outlet and it will be ready for operation.
  • Installation is very simple and no specific maintenance is necessary. So that it is always in good condition, it is enough to wipe its surface with a damp cloth.
  • Its programmable thermostat guarantees that there will not be a waste of energy.
  • At the same time that it creates a sensation of pleasant comfort in our bathroom, we can use it so that our towels are warm and ready to be used after a bath.

What should we take into account when choosing the best radiator towel dryier?

Within the range of towel radiators that are available to us in the market, we must choose the one that suits our needs and desires. We have to take into account different aspects such as the size of our bathroom, the design we are looking for and the quality of the heating system.

The range of Hercules Towel Radiators designed by Haverland brings together the best qualities.

Its elegant design in glass and metallic tone on its two towel racks will combine perfectly with any bathroom.

To this is added the most advanced technology and with the maximum guarantees of Haverland: a new air convector system that allows us to dry our towels and heat the bathroom simultaneously.

This emission of natural heat, in addition, is totally safe and respectful with the environment. The temperature can be regulated and programmed thanks to its LCD screen and its 3 pre-configured programs, so that we can always control the comfort of our bathroom.

TOD is our towel rail heater, practical and programmable

Complete the look of your bathroom or toilet with this towel radiator made of the highest quality steel. Thanks to its minimalist design, it is perfect for any type of bathroom. Enjoy a highly practical feature to hold and warm towels as well as the room itself, offering a modern touch of luxury to any shower or bathroom.

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