How to connect a smart radiator to its APP?

Technology has brought us comfort and ease in our daily lives. Many of the appliances that we use around our homes are now electronic and interconnected with other devices. This includes radiators, which can also be referred to as smart radiators, that can now connect to apps on our phones or tablets. As technology advances, so can your home and its appliances. 

¿What are smart radiators?

Smart radiators are a range of heating devices that are up to date with the 21st century and the Internet of Things. They work through WIFI, Bluetooth, voice activated commands or even motion detection. 

These smart heating systems are easier to manage, set up and program than traditional radiators. They include the option to connect to user-friendly Apps, which take ease and comfort to another level (and they even help you reduce your energy bills). Haverland offers a wide range of smart radiators, so you can update your home or working space according to your needs. 

One of our latest smart radiators, the RCTT CONNECT, hooks up directly to your Wi-Fi through the Haverland app without the need of any other accessory. 

¿How to connect a smart radiator to its APP?

Connecting any of our smart radiators to the Haverland app is very easy. We’ll take the RCCT Connect as an example:

  1. After mounting the radiator to the wall and setting it up, download the free Haverland app to your phone or tablet through Apple Store or Google Play
  2. In order to add the device to your app, you will have to select the option “+CONNECT SERIES” and select OK until the light on the screen starts flashing.
  3. Select your wifi network and wait until the configuration is finished.
  4. After the network is configured, a link indicator image will appear on the screen of your smart radiator. 
  5. Now the device is linked to your wifi!

 Connecting your electric radiator to its app can help you in many ways: 

  • You can program the radiator to turn on before you arrive at your home. It will be warm when you set foot in your house.
  • Helps you monitor your heating device so you can turn it off if you forgot to do so after you left your house. 
  • Control and adapt the temperature of each room. You can add as many electric radiators as you have into the app and control each one separately. 

Connecting your smart radiator to its app is one of the most intelligent decisions you can make. It not only makes your life easier, but it optimizes your electricity and helps you save energy and money. You will have full control of your electric heating, which is one of Haverland’s top priorities.