How to clean a radiator

Like everything in life, radiators must also be taken care of. Contrary to what we may think, they accumulate a lot of dust. If you have people at home that struggle with allergies to dust or are just sensitive to it, the difference will be unbelievable. Besides, the next steps to clean a radiator will work for you regardless of whether it is an oil or an electric radiator from Haverland.


–        It is important to start cleaning with the radiators off and cold.

–        Cover the radiator surroundings with papers, plastic, newspaper… so that all the dirt falls there.

–        Remove surface dust with a simple duster.

–        Don’t forget to clean the rear of the radiator anyway. To do this, you can use the appliques that come with some vacuum.

–        Once the most superficial is cleaned, use a vaporette for embedded dirt.

–        Use a cloth with soap or window cleaner to then clean the radiator and dry any residue.

–        For the back, it is enough to tie the rag to a stick and repeat the process we have just done.

Now that you know how to clean a radiator, you have to take into account that this cleaning should be done regularly, as well as bleed electrical radiators. It is as easy as it seems: 

  • Turn your heating on to identify which radiators need bleeding
  • Turn the heating off and wait to the radiators to cool
  • Locate the radiator bleed valve and place a cloth below it
  • Release the air opening the valve
  • Close the valve and check the boiler pressure

Now that you know how to clean your radiators, you have no excuses to do it at home and thus improve the quality of life for you and your family.