The radiator company: A review of its products, services, and customer feedback

As a radiator company, Haverland UK, a specialist in electric heaters, heat emitters, and smart heating in the UK

We review the radiator company Haverland UK as a specialist in electric heaters, heat emitters, and smart heating in the UK.


As a radiator company, Haverland UK, a specialist in electric heaters, heat emitters, and smart heating in the UK, seeks excellence in the world of climate control. We are leading manufacturers of electric heating solutions, and since our foundation in 1971, we have become pioneers in the UK in terms of technological innovation in climate control systems.

Currently, our radiator company, Haverland, offers efficient, top-quality electric heating technology, with products suitable for all types of spaces and always at the best prices.

Radiator company: The approach guiding our services

The electric radiators from Haverland UK are chosen for many construction or home renovation projects, available for purchase from electricity wholesalers across the UK and more than 30 countries abroad.

The dynamic activity developed by the company in the world of climate control is guided by a series of principles or areas of focus that allow us to offer the highest level of service:


For us, the well-being of our customers is paramount. Taking this into account, we design our products to be easy to use and simple to program, without requiring maintenance or complex usage instructions.

Efficient energy consumption

The products of the radiator company Haverland UK are designed to be 100% efficient in terms of their energy consumption, without wasting energy or generating any kind of waste. They incorporate advanced electronic and digital functions that allow the user to take full control of their electric heating. Additionally, these functions offer maximum flexibility, allowing for quick monitoring and adjustment of climate control parameters.

Safety and customization

All products include safety functions that not only comply with international regulations but also offer an extra layer of tranquility by taking advantage of the benefits of new digital technologies and advances in home automation. At the same time, we offer customizable programming options to allow users to adapt their heating to each requirement or circumstance.

Commercial differentiation

The dedication of the radiator company to research and development has allowed us to successfully introduce truly pioneering electric heating technology to the market.

Benefits of the radiator company’s products

What are the main benefits or advantages of Haverland UK’s electric radiators? They can be summarized in these points:

Energy savings

Intelligent management systems allow the electric radiators of Haverland UK to operate only when necessary. Power is increased only if the temperature conditions of each room require it, resulting in significant energy savings.

Lower environmental impact

The products of the radiator company do not emit pollutants of any kind into the environment. Additionally, the previously mentioned energy savings contribute to the reduction of pollutant emissions associated with the use of fossil fuels.

Automation and smart systems

Haverland electric radiators have electronic controls that program and automate many processes. A clear example is the ULTRAD wall-mounted electric radiator, which incorporates the latest technology in sensors. The detection system with specialized sensors identifies the exact moment a person enters the room. It automatically turns on, turning off in the same way when the person.

Maximum comfort

Our radiator company’s products ensure maximum comfort for your family. Their operation is designed to maintain the ideal temperature in each room throughout the year.

Easy installation

Electric radiators require no installation. You only need to connect them to the electrical grid and activate their functions using the simple built-in digital controls. Forget about construction, renovations, or personnel installed in your home.

The Radiator Company: A close relationship with consumers

At our radiator company, we understand the importance of listening to our consumers. In many cases, positive feedback from our customers on social media has driven us to create new products or modify certain details or features of the radiators to suit their needs.

Our goal is to build a strong community around the radiator company, its products, and users. Ultimately, Haverland UK aims to be a large family focused on enhancing the quality of life for consumers. We invite you to explore our extensive product catalog, where you’ll find a heating team that provides the home comfort you’re looking for.