How to choose a Bathroom wall heater?

How important is feeling cozy in our own house, right? and if some of you didn’t pay much attention due to a more nomad lifestyle,surely after the terrible situation we had to deal with during the lockdown, your perspective might have changed. Being at home for so long made us more demanding with ourselves and the environment we live in.

At Haverland, we believe it is important to start looking more after yourself with kindness, starting from your home.

One thing that comes to our mind when we think about home comfort is the temperature. Nobody likes getting back to a house where you cannot take your jacket off due to the cold and humidity. However, a house with a temperature between 25 and 26 degrees invites you to stay and spend a lovely time with some friends or enjoy the evening with your favourite book.


Cold in the shower:

Following the line of unpleasant situations due to cold … What about being cold when you get out of the shower? One of the worst situations that can be experienced, right?

Everybody would like getting out of the shower and have a warm towel awaiting, at a nice room temperature, with that indescribable feeling of touching the clothes recently washed and out of the tumble dryer. But we all know that this ideal situation is not what usually happens, at best, you manage to hang the towel relatively close, so you just have to walk a few steps barefoot and endure through the cold floor until you grab it and wait for it to warm up thanks to your body temperature.


Bringing you solutions: Haverland Bathroom wall heater

The good news is that we have the perfect solution for this unpleasant inconvenience. We are talking about the revolutionary Haverland Bathroom wall heater, highlighted by the versatility of its two designs.


Main characteristics of our Bathroom wall heaters

We are not only talking about a functional and practical device to get rid of the cold, we are talking about a heated towel rail and the most elegant aesthetic bathroom radiator, perfect to continue decorating your bathroom with the best possible style.

Hercules bathroom radiator

With a unique design, vertical position, and easy installation. Perfect for those looking for something different and special. White tempered glass equipped with anti-fog technology, two stainless steel towel rails, daily weekly program options and much more features that accompany this luxury bathroom radiator.

Hercules electric towel rail

TOD Towel Rail Heated

Practical design, easy to install, with a modern touch. In addition, it has protection against water IP44 and it is a Class II appliance, Intelligent temperature control ITCS function, Antifreeze mode, programmable 24/7 and many more benefits that you will find by looking at our website.

As you have seen, the TOD bathroom wall heater is very useful and practical as you can hang your clothes or towel while taking a bath or simply leave it there to use when it’s warm.

The choice of the model depends on you, the characteristics of your bathroom, the design, and the benefits that suits you best.

 No more waiting time to warm up. We say yes to comfort, yes to being practical, yes to taking care of yourself and, above all, a resounding yes to enjoying life’s little pleasures.