How to be eco friendly this season with Haverland’s energy efficient electric heaters

eco friendly energy efficient electric heaters

We are all aiming to be more sustainable in our daily lives. You can make small that are easy to accomplish, and then there are changes that require a bit more effort. Improving the larger appliances in your home is one of the latter. It may seem like a difficult transition, but at Haverland, we have you covered with our energy efficient electric heaters that will make you and your home more eco friendly.

Smart electric radiators are eco friendly

Nowadays we have the advantage of technology, which is beneficial in our pursuit of being eco-friendly. A modern electric radiator, such as the INERZIA Dry Stone, has programming options so it can switch on or off depending if you’re at home or not. Its open window detection will also turn off the device if it senses air coming from another source. This alone will make your home more eco friendly and energy efficient, bringing down your energy consumption exponentially. Finally, it has a natural stone resistance specially designed to heat larger rooms and areas. This means that you won’t have to set up several electric radiators to heat one space. 

Smart radiators are an intelligent option if you want to make your home more eco friendly. There are also other options within our catalog that can be programmed through an app paired through bluetooth or wifi that you can control or program even if you’re far from your home, such as the RCTT Connect or Simply.    


Haverland makes energy efficient electric heaters

Haverland’s products are also LOT 20 compliant, which means that they are designed to be environmentally conscious with technology that promotes energy efficiency. Our electric heaters draw power from the walls that is entirely converted into heat, which causes zero waste or emissions.

Start setting up your home for the future with Haverland. You wont have to choose between being more eco friendly or bringing down your energy bill. With us you can do both.