How oil filled radiators work and what are their benefits


Oil-filled radiators are an electric radiator option that offers several advantages compared to other systems. In this article, we will explain how they work, their benefits, and why they are a great alternative for heating your home.

What are oil-filled radiators?

Oil-filled radiators are devices that contain a heat transfer fluid inside, typically mineral oil, which is heated by an electric resistor. The oil circulates within the radiator and transfers heat to the external fins, which then radiate it into the surrounding environment.

Oil-filled radiators require no installation or maintenance. You simply plug them into the electrical outlet and adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature. They are also quiet, safe, and energy efficient.

What are the benefits of oil-filled radiators?

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of oil-filled radiators, but let’s recap:

Thermal Comfort

Oil-filled radiators emit a gentle and consistent heat that doesn’t dry the air or cause abrupt temperature fluctuations. They also retain warmth for an extended period, even after being turned off, leading to energy savings.

Cost Savings

Oil-filled radiators have low electricity consumption since they maximize energy use and shut off when the set temperature is reached. Moreover, they don’t require installation or maintenance, reducing additional costs.

Environmentally Friendly

Oil-filled radiators do not emit gasses or fumes, making them eco-friendly and not compromising air quality. The oil they contain is recyclable and remains durable over time.


Oil-filled radiators have a modern and elegant design that complements any style and decor. They are also compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport and place.

Why Choose Haverland UK’s Oil-Filled Radiators?

Haverland UK offers high-quality products with innovative technology. Among their featured products are the ULTRAD wall-mounted radiators, which include the following features:

Intelligent Control

They feature an intelligent control system that allows you to program temperature and operating schedules, optimizing energy consumption and comfort according to your specific needs.

 Touch Screen

The radiators come equipped with a backlit LCD touch screen that displays information about the device’s operation and allows for easy parameter adjustments.

Presence Sensor

A presence sensor detects if there’s someone in the room and automatically adjusts the temperature to conserve energy and prevent overheating.

Open Window Sensor

ULTRAD radiators include an open window sensor that detects sudden drops in room temperature and turns off the appliance to prevent energy waste.

In addition to the ULTRAD series, Haverland UK offers other electric radiator models, such as the ECO RADI DESIGNER XRI, known for its minimalist design and advanced technology.

If you want to learn more about oil-filled radiators and other products from Haverland UK, a company specializing in electric radiators, heat emitters, and smart heating in the UK, don’t hesitate to contact us.